Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Don't Bring A Nothing To A Gunfight...

Here's a story that didn't work out as good as the last one. Dude was long on guts, but short on planning...

Pennsylvania shopper killed while chasing bank robber
WASHINGTON, Pa. – A Pennsylvania bank robbery suspect fatally shot a supermarket customer who ran after him and tried to stop his getaway car, police said.

South Strabane Township police identified the dead man as Vincent Kelley, 46, of Washington, Pa.

First off, rest in peace, Mr. Kelley. The world would be a better place if more people got involved and didn't just let crime happen. It's a shame this worked out the way it did - it would have been much better if you'd been able to get the plate, call the cops, be a good witness and get the guy arrested. Or, even better, introduce his insides to the outside with your own firearm.

I can't put this any differently, I'm sorry. Going after someone armed with a firearm while completely unarmed is a bad freakin' idea. Sorry. Going after someone that just robbed a bank with a gun while completely unarmed and unable to protect yourself might work in the movies, where a touching soliloquy might turn the heart of the bad guy, but in real life you're a lot more likely to get get shot.

There's two things about this that really upset me. First and foremost, the senseless loss of life, of course. For a few dollars in a bank robbery a man lost his life. The goblin that did this took away a man's life for no good reason whatsoever. I hope he is convicted and sentenced to hang. Secondly, this plays right into the "give them what they want" mentality. The bleating sheep who would hand over their wallets in the vain hope the wolf won't eat them will point to this story triumphantly. See?

Folks, please don't confront armed goblins, even if you do have a gun of your own. Sure, if there are lives at stake, of course. But if the dude's on his way out, let him go. I know we're programmed to want to help, to stop the bad guy, to wear the white hat and save the day. That's wonderful and noble and we could use more of it. Just choose your battles, be smart about how and where and when you intervene, and if you can't effectively defend yourself, live to fight another day.

And for the love of all that's good and wholesome, carry your damn guns...

That is all.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Also, he lived in that part of PA where getting one's CHP is easily done, unlike in Philadelphia. Or he could have OC'd. But just because one is using their RKBA, doesn't mean that one has on a Superman Suit. MAYBE following him from a Safe Distance and getting Info like License Plates for the Cops should be the MOST one can do, unless there's an Immediate Threat to an Innocent and one cannot Violate Rule 4.

Hopefully, the Goblin will be dealt with properly.

Anonymous said...


I thought all of PA was a shall issues state to do away with the Philly local exclusion.

Calling 911,observing from a safe distance and not getting in a car chase are good choices.

He was a brave man but I would guess his family would rather have him alive today.


Daniel in Brookline said...


I think we'd all rather have someone like him alive today. He may not have been thinking straight, but he had guts and his heart was in the right place, a combination we could always use more of.

In the IDF we were taught to use "reasonable force" -- which was always defined immediately as "the minimum force that solves the problem". In other words, as my 13-year-old and I have discussed at length, if shooting a bad guy keeps him from hurting you or your family, that's good -- but if you can stop him by brandishing a firearm without shooting it, that's better. Stopping him with a harsh word or two is even better, if you can manage it. The objective is not to hurt him; the objective is to remove the threat.

Implied in this policy is: the "minimum force that solves the problem" is ZERO, if there's no real problem. A bad guy getting away with bank money is not my problem, unless I'm in his way. (If I want to make it my problem, then what I really ought to do is join the police.)

Stay safe, people.

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

Rule #1 of Gun-Fighting... have a...

Dann in Ohio