Monday, June 24, 2013

Can't Blame A Crook For Tryin'...

A whole bunch of folks sent this one in.

Customer shoots, kills robber outside Atlanta shop while waiting to buy LeBron James sneakers
Police say an armed man trying to rob customers outside an Atlanta shoe store was fatally shot by one of the patrons waiting in line to buy sneakers.

WSB-TV reports the shooting happened Saturday morning in the city's Little Five Points neighborhood, where people lined up outside Wish Clothing to buy new $180 sneakers endorsed by Miami Heat star LeBron James.
You want to hear the best part? After shooting the goblin dead, the dude just got back in line for his sneakers... Actually, that's not the best part. This is:
Atlanta police officer John Chafee says the shooter won't be charged because investigators determined he fired in self-defense.
Now, on the one hand, I kinda feel sorry for the goblin. I mean, this is a pretty smart bad guy. He hit a group of people waiting to buy an overpriced sneaker endorsed by a sports star - folks making bad decisions, that should have been easy pickings. Really, the only mistake he made was pulling that stunt in Atlanta rather than NYC or Boston.

On the other hand...

Dead Goblin Count: 412

That is all.


Shane W said...

I hope those folks pushed him to the head of the line when the police were done with him!

Robert said...

Or possibly "Don't nobody know nuthin', excuse me officer, could you step aside, the store is opening." And the goblin's pockets are bereft of cash.