Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Actions Have Consequences...

I thought that "90%" of Americans supported these strict new gun control measures? Sure doesn't seem that way in Colorado, does it?

Recall looms for Colorado lawmaker who supported gun control bill
A group of gun-rights activists seeking to oust a top Democratic state lawmaker in Colorado over the passage of strict gun control legislation on Monday turned in double the signatures needed to force a recall election.

KDVR reports the group turned in over 16,000 signatures, more than double the 7,178 valid signatures needed, to the Colorado Secretary of State's office in the effort to recall Colorado Senate President John Morse.

“This sends a strong message,” Rob Harris, who delivered three boxes full of petitions to the office, told KDVR. “We’ve obtained enough signatures to recall a state legislator for the first time in the history of Colorado.”
Read the article. It is absolutely hysterical to see the projection coming from Morse. He's claiming that the signatures are invalid; that they were procured under "misinformation and lies"; and, of course, the claim is that the NRA ran some sort of shadow support. It's the textbook example of projection, given that they rammed through this gun control bill against the wishes of CO citizens, based on a campaign of untruths, and with the support of Michael Bloomberg.

If it wasn't so predictable and tiresome, it would be funny. They assume that everyone else is as venal, corrupt, and crooked as they are, and are surprised to find that not the case. That a single person or grassroots organization could collect more than double the number needed escapes them - because they have no concept of what a real grassroots effort is. If they want a crowd, they simply pay people. If they want signatures, they simply forge them. Doing the work necessary to achieve their goals is a foreign concept to them, whereas cheating is as natural as breathing.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out...

That is all.

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Farm.Dad said...

even better.... https://twitter.com/SenJohnMorse/status/341945228145590272

Anonymous said...

What I find interesting is subtle, sufficiently subtle and consistent that it is probably sub-conscious, hostile word-use by the media. That first sentence is typical: 'activists' vs 'lawmaker', 'seeking to oust', 'force'. Any debate over policy is almost always written up by the media as if it was an actual threat to the authority's existence. What exactly happened to that whole 'Challenge the Man!' thing anyway?
That sentence could be rewritten, "a group demanding the recall of Senate Leader X turned in enough signatures yesterday for the recall vote to take place. They were motivated by his decision to...'
or something to that effect.