Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When Nerds Collide...

Heh. Mopar sent this in. I can honestly say I believe every word of this. If you think "Glock vs. 1911" or "9mm vs. .45 ACP" can lead to a heated argument, you haven't seen anything compared to "Kirk vs. Picard" or "Star Wars vs. Star Trek"...

Who Obi-wans some?
COPS were called to break up squabbling Star Wars fans and Doctor Who buffs amid a bust-up at a sci-fi convention.

The enthusiasts squared up to each other dressed as a Sith Lord, Judge Dredd — and two incarnations of the telly Time Lord.
Competing science fiction conventions. It makes my blood run cold, it really does. If you think that gunnies get themselves wrapped up in their "platform", or their tactical outfitter of choice, or a particular brand of ammunition? Oh, you haven't seen anything even remotely close to that. Any time you get a group of people that have strong feelings about their chosen "thing" - whether that "thing" is a firearm platform, a sports team, or a science-fiction franchise - you're bound to see conflict when other, competing "things" are brought up.

They're just lucky there wasn't a "sci-fi vs. fantasy" p**sing contest...

That is all.


ASM826 said...

This isn't sci-fi fan geekdom. It's religion.

From Wiki: "In England and Wales 390,127 people (almost 0.8%) stated their religion as Jedi on their 2001 Census forms, surpassing Sikhism, Judaism, and Buddhism, and making it the fourth largest reported religion in the country."

So don't make fun of them, it would be a hate crime.

Stretch said...

Star Wars vs Star Trek.
Babylon 5 vs Stargate.
Firefly vs ... well, nothing is better than Firefly.

Bob S. said...

Why do I get the impression of a slap fight with "Gloves of Power" with +2 Damage

Old NFO said...

Sigh... LOL

Bubblehead Les. said...

I'm reminded of a Time Long Ago where, at a "Generic Science Fiction Convention" in Virginia Beach, I glanced out my Hotel Window and noticed a Band of "Conan-type" Barbarians strolling down the Boardwalk in search of Breakfast.

Armed, of course.

So I think that 3 feet of Cold Steel beats a Fake Phaser any day.

Oh, BTW, the Cops didn't have a Problem with them at all.

God I miss the Reagan Years!

Dirk said...

I don't know what the problem is... I like it all. :)