Thursday, May 9, 2013

Well Isn't This Interesting?

Neil Heslin, Father Of Sandy Hook Victim, Faces Criminal Charges
MILFORD, Conn. — A man whose 6-year-old son was among those killed in the Newtown, Conn., elementary school massacre is facing a court hearing on larceny and other charges.

Neil Heslin, who has lobbied Congress and the Connecticut legislature for increased gun control in the wake of the shooting, is scheduled to appear in Milford Superior Court Wednesday morning.
It's interesting how the media picks and chooses their heroes, isn't it? Heslin, who starred in one of Bloomberg's anti-gun videos, has found a new calling working for anti-gun groups - even though his criminal past bans him from ever legally owning a firearm again. What's also interesting that the article doesn't mention that Heslin is a felon - drug possession, operating under the influence, etc. No wonder he wants to see firearms more limited - it makes his profession easier, doesn't it?

I guess we're supposed to overlook this in the wake of the tragedy this man has endured. I'll be the first to admit - I don't know if I could handle the kind of pain he's been through. I hope I never find out. I do know, however, that other parents of children who were killed have not been blaming the guns used - despite the media blackout on parents like Mark Mattioli, who refuse to blame the tool used.

The irony of ironies, though, is using a felon who has been arrested for operating under the influence on four separate occasions to push for gun control as a means to keep children safe. Even more ironic is the fact that more children die every year in drunk driving accidents than in school shootings. Keeping Heslin off the road will do more to keep children safe than banning standard capacity magazines. Of course, the ultimate irony that he lost his license and continued to drive will escape the anti-freedom crowd - you know, that whole something being double-plus illegal and yet still he did it anyways thing.

No, you don't get a pass because you have suffered, not when you're actively working with someone who wants to take away my rights.

That is all.

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Gunnutmegger said...

In addition to his many DUI and fraud convictions, Heslin has 5 criminal cases pending at the moment; a total of 9 charges including a class-D felony.

The CT Judicial Branch website also has his paternity case file. He denied being the father of his dead son, and had to be forced into a DNA test.

Not that he was going to actually pay child support. At the time of his sons death, he was about $35k behind.

As yet, no one has mentioned the fact that he had custody of his son revoked for neglect. He was living with his son at a house with no working toilets and making the kid use the backyard as a bathroom.

Father of the year, he was not.

His sadsack roadshow was about influencing his future jurors, and getting free hotel rooms.

And he was as high as a kite at his son's funeral. I was there, and shook his hand and looked in his glassy eyes.

He is a miserable excuse for a human being.

Braden Lynch said...

Why is it that if someone has suffered from violence in which a firearm was used, they are automatically given a free pass to attack all gun owners? Getting shot or losing a loved one does not make you a disarmament expert.

How about the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Do they get to preach about the evils of all nuclear weapons and demand their elimination?

See how silly their argument is?

I have ZERO culpability for the murderous actions of an SOB and I have a TOTAL right to own and bear arms.