Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Speaking of the Brothers Kablamov...

(thanks to Tam for the name!)

I'm so glad our elected officials are so on the ball.


Suspected Boston bombers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, acted alone, Mayor Tom Menino says
WASHINGTON - Boston Mayor Tom Menino says information he has indicates that the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing acted alone.
Menino tells ABC's "This Week" that he agreed with the decision to lock down Boston all day Friday, based on information officials had at the time.
Compare and contrast that with what came out today:

Boston police: 3 more suspects in custody bombings
BOSTON (AP) — Three more suspects have been taken into custody in the marathon bombings, city police said Wednesday.
The police department made the announcement in a tweet Wednesday morning, saying more details would follow. Police spokeswoman Cheryl Fiandaca confirmed the tweet but referred all other questions to the FBI.
Remember, Mumbles is a key player in the illegal Mayors coalition. He and lil Napolean Bloomberg have every interest in making this about the one handgun that the brothers illegally obtained and possessed and much less interest in it being a terrorist action. Terrorist actions don't help push further second amendment restrictions unless they involve guns. There was an article not too long ago (someone sent it to me, but I think I deleted it in a fit of rage) where the author was practically heartbroken that the bombers used, well, bombs and not guns - specifically those EEEEVIL ASSAULT RIFLES.

They want -they NEED - people to die to push their agenda.

Think about the strength of their argument right there where it takes a horrifying, illegal, immoral action in order to make their plans palatable. For those of us on this side of the argument, we have facts and logic - not to mention the Constitution. They have lies, rhetoric, and blood dancing. They can't push their unpopular control measures on the American people without something shocking and terrible. Therefore, the bombing that happened in Boston is meaningless to them.

Boston Mayor Menino's rush to declare the Tsarnaev brothers as acting along merely cements his decidedly un-serious view of the real problems we face...

That is all.


wolfwalker said...

I intensely dislike being forced to defend Mumbles, but if you read carefully, there's nothing in these latest arrests that contradict the claim that the Tsarnaevs acted alone in planning and carrying out the bombing. At least according to the official story, these three losers only got involved after the bombing, trying to cover-up and dispose of evidence that linked Dzhokhov to the bombing.

Daniel in Brookline said...

Nonetheless, Menino is doing exactly what Obama has done several times now -- he's shot off his mouth about an ongoing police investigation, offering his oh-so-valuable opinion when the facts are still in doubt. (Remember St. Trayvon? Remember Skip Gates?)

I've wondered before what it takes to get an arrest for treason in this country. Publicly telling the President to STFU might just do it.

Old NFO said...

It's that 'rush' to cover up, and toe the party line... Oops... Especially when the inconvenient truth keeps coming out!!!

Jay G said...


That they would help *after* the fact and not before? Doesn't pass the smell test.

I understand that Mumbles was trying to placate the nervous sheep, err, residents of Boston. But like Daniel said, it sure seems like a rush to judgement without all facts in evidence...