Thursday, May 30, 2013

Score One For the Good Guys

This story, sent in by Joseph in IL, is pretty epic...

Burger King Employee Foils Robbery by Stealing Thieves' Getaway Car
A fast food employee is being lauded by police for his fast thinking after foiling a robbery at a Burger King in Stockton, Calif.

As two hamburglars stormed the restaurant brandishing guns and demanding cash, an employee snuck out a back door, according to KOVR-TV in Sacramento.

The employee found the thieves' idling getaway vehicle in the parking lot, hopped in and drove off, stashing the car around the block.

Now, watch, the poor employee will get fired for not complying with the robber's demands or something. Or, being CA, he'll get hit with a grand theft auto charge. My one wish is that there is security camera footage of the crooks coming out of the Burger King, loot in hand, and then realizing that someone has absconded with their getaway vehicle.

Find that footage, set it to "Yakkity Sax", and you've got YouTube GOLD, baby!

That is all.


Irishdoh said...

I note that at the bottom of the original article, they drop in the usual crap line at the end: "While it did end the right way, they always recommend that people being robbed simply comply for their own safety." I have several friends in law enforcement in Stockton, who I shall now harass over that one.

Anonymous said...

They will probably fire the kid for not clocking out and leaving before his shift was done.