Friday, May 31, 2013

Sadly, It Does Happen...

Grandfather shot dead by police while responding to neighbor's burglar alarm
Two Texas police officers have been placed on administrative leave after shooting and killing a grandfather who was checking on his neighbor’s burglar alarm.

The incident happened near the Woodhaven Country Club early Tuesday and is being investigated by Fort Worth Police, according to a statement from the department.
I can totally see how this could happen. I live next door to my folks. We check on each others' houses when we're away - ditto the folks across the street, the neighbors on the other side of my folks, heck, pretty much the whole street. If my folks' alarm went off, you bet I'd go over to check it out, and you're damn right I'd be armed.

HOWEVER... I would call the police first. I would let them know I was going over, and that I was armed. Granted, in my town they'd be at the house pretty much before I put the phone down (it's a small town and we're less than a mile from the police station), but I'd still let them know that they might run into a six foot tall, shaved head biker looking guy with a bushy mustache and a .357 Magnum.

Now, maybe it wouldn't have made any difference. Maybe the responding officers were extra jumpy for whatever reason and just opened up on the "man with a gun" - but I get the impression this was just a tragic mistake, most likely compounded by the late hour and the age of the respondent (I know my dad - who is the same age as the deceased - doesn't have the hearing he once had, and in his mind he knows he's one of the good guys).

Sad story all around - and a good reminder to be careful.

That is all.

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Dave H said...

and in his mind he knows he's one of the good guys

That's an excellent way to put it. One of the things that dawned on me as I was learning the rules about carrying is that not everybody knows you're one of the good guys. You can be put face down in the dirt by the police (or even another Good Samaritan) when you're trying to help.

Anonymous said...

The police went to the wrong house. The man was shot in his own garage. The burglar alarm was across the street. Both of the officers are rookies.