Friday, May 24, 2013

Reminder: NoVA Kid & New Shooter BlogMeet/Shoot

#1 Blogdaughter is having computer issues (seriously; she posted a picture of her screen last night in Squirrel Report chat. It looked like "Screen Cap By Picasso") so she asked me to post a reminder of the upcoming NoVA blogshoot.

We figured we'd start with a tentative schedule for the folks that are coming in from out of town (from as far away as DE, OH, and even the Volksrepublik!).

Friday night (5/31): Possible dinner for folks who arrive early enough. Hard to tell give traffic and travel time.

Saturday (6/1): Shoot after lunch (we'll be scrambling getting ready beforehand). Figure ~ 1:00 PM until we get really hungry.

Saturday dinner: BBQ/cookout. Very informal. Clean off the gunpowder first, please. :)

Oh, and it might just happen to be someone's very special birthday. There might be cake. And ice cream. And singing. Off key.

Sunday (6/2): Breakfast/brunch and then folks head home.

A note about the shoot: This is, first and foremost, a shoot for kids and other new shooters. They will have priority on the range, and .22LR will be the overwhelming caliber of choice. We might have some time towards the end for centerfire calibers, but for the most part we'll be sticking with .22LR. I'm bringing some steel targets for reactive shooting, and there might be other items available, but the raison d'etre for this shoot is to educate kids about guns and teach some new shooters.

Give a holler if you have any questions (probably better to get in touch with me rather than Nancy unless she gets her computer issues resolved). See her AAR on last year's Kid Shoot to get a feel for what we're aiming for here. There will be an air gun range, but there will also be a rimfire range for the kids that are ready to take the next step, and for the parents that would like to try as well. We're going to try to pair every new shooter with one experienced shooter and try to match them to the right first gun to try.

Looking forward to seeing folks next Saturday!

That is all.


Turk Turon said...

I'd love to attend the .22-LR shoot and meet-up on Saturday. I can even contribute 500-1,000 rds of .22-LR (just surplus USG fodder that I bought from CMP last November) if it will help. Is there an email address to follow up with?

Geodkyt said...

Hang on, Turk, we'll get back to you shortly. . .

Nancy R. said...

Turk - email me at dethosp at g mail dot com for details ...

Larry said...

I have two rifles, a pistol, a 555 round box of ammo and a teenage son. See you there!

Jay G said...


Give me a shout (e-mail's in my contact info if you don't have it) if you haven't gotten in touch with Nancy. We'll git-r-done.


Looking forward to meeting you and the young'un!

Old NFO said...

I 'think' I'll be able to make it. two rifles, two pistols not much ammo...sigh

wandering neurons said...

Ditto here, a pistol, and will bring a lightweight, compact .223 for play as well.
And an interesting truck, if I don't screw up the electrical.
I've emailed Nancy, just waiting to hear back.
Anyone need a ride from Dahlgren to the site?