Thursday, May 2, 2013

Physician, Heal Thyself.

Or in this case, whack yourself in the head with a four pound sledge.

Psychiatrist gets 30 days for booby-trapping Oregon trails and injuring mountain bikers
MEDFORD, Ore. – A psychiatrist has pleaded guilty and been sentenced to 30 days in jail for planting booby traps that injured Oregon mountain bikers on national forest trails outside Ashland.

Dr. Jackson Dempsey apologized to the mountain bikers, his family and the medical community Wednesday in Jackson County Circuit Court in Medford. But he did not explain what led him to string nylon cords across the trails, and put nails and small trees in the path.
Thirty days. He got thirty days for doing something that lead to three different people getting injured. It was only sheer blind luck that he didn't seriously injure someone - hit a strong nylon cord while under full power on a downhill stretch and you could get severely hurt. Thirty days. Likely he'll serve a week if that. At least he's got a two year ban from the trails. That'll learn 'em!

What I'm having a hard time with comprehending is that this was on trails in a National Forest. It's not like there were kids cutting through the back part of his property and he was trying to cut down on the trespassers or something; he deliberately set traps on public land with the specific intention of causing harm to other people. And got sentenced to a month in jail. Again, I feel compelled to remind everyone that his sentence is 1/60th what I would get if I were caught with a Pmag...

Attempt to cause bodily injury? Oh, that kidder! Have a piece of plastic? FELON. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

That is all.

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Gunnutmegger said...

Unabomber lite.

I mean, surface road bicyclists, sure I get that they are idiots and assholes in equal measure.

But mountain bikers? How many accidents do they cause? How many wear spandex to flaunt their shrunken junk in front of kids?

Armed Texan said...

In any sane state, he would also lose his license to practice psychiatry because he clearly has a few screws loose himself. Seeing that this is in Oregon though...

Bubblehead Les. said...

What torques me off is the fact that he was a County Gooberment Employee. So this Trough Feeder of "Your Tax Dollars at Work" decides he's going to save Mother Gaia by engaging in Eco-Terrorism?

So where's the Feds? Or does the AntiTerrorism Laws only apply to those who DON'T support the Lefty Agenda?

Oh, one other thing. As a Gooberment Shrink, did this Jerk do any "Psychological Evaluations" that denied Citizens the RKBA because they weren't "Mentally Stable" and they needed to have their Firearms confiscated "for the Sake of the Children?"

Stretch said...

Never confuse the Legal System with Justice. Any overlap is coincidence. And will be "fixed" the next legislative session.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like one step past the guys who tear down trail signs and try to dig up trailheads "to protect the forest" from hikers. Who then stop donating to the park, which means less enforcement of poaching and littering laws, and fewer people getting irked about the problem because "why should I care since you don't want me in the park" and so on.