Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oddball Story of the Day...

Joseph in IL sends in this headscratcher...

Man Arrested In Niles For Stealing, Selling Chainsaws
NILES, Ill. (CBS) – A north suburban man has been arrested for allegedly stealing and selling chainsaws.

WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports 34-year-old Ali Ivanov has been charged with felony theft. Niles police allege he worked with at least one other man and a couple women to lift expensive chainsaws from power tool stores in Michigan and Wisconsin.
Okay, this isn't all that weird. High-end chainsaws are pretty flippin' expensive - like $1K and up - so it's a better ROI (ROS?) than other comparably sized and weighted power tools. What is weird is the method of theft:
Police said, in most cases, the older woman among them would slip an expensive Stihl brand chainsaw between her legs, hidden under a long dress, and then walk out with it.

Damn, but there really ARE a thousand uses for the Thighmaster™, aren't there?

That is all.


Ancient Woodsman said...

Most high-end saws are sold as the power head only, so that might explain things. A little bit. You pick out your new Stihl 460 and that's what you get - the bar & chain come separately.

I remember in the mid-80s the unusual theft method was pilfering a TV and smuggling it out under a dress, between the thighs. I laughed at that one and was immediately corrected by our retired-trooper detective, new 'loss prevention specialist' as that the method was not only common but surprisingly hard to detect.

Formynder said...

When I worked at Fry's Electronics they showed us a video of a rather large woman who stole PS3 units via the same method. As Ancient Woodsman says, it was hard to detect after she finished hiding it. Fortunately the store had tons of cameras around.

Mopar said...

I remember seeing a store surveillance vid showing a woman stealing a case of beer via that method.