Tuesday, May 7, 2013

NRA Convention Pictures, Part 1

There will be several more of these, some in themes, some random. Here's the first round of pictures from the NRA convention in Houston:

To start off with, we had a York Arms T-shirt sighting!

That's AwelowNT sportin' the York

This just jumped out at me as an example of everything that is right about America:

See that? It's a wheelchair for folks who still want to enjoy the outdoors. Where else but America would someone think to put tank treads on a powered chair so that folks with mobility issues can still enjoy life "off the beaten path"?

Winning the award for "loudest cover garment" was Jim from Smoke on the Water:

I've been corresponding with Jim for damn close to 10 years now; having "met" him online through Kim du Toit's website in the mid-aughts and finally getting a chance to meet him this past weekend. He took time out of his insanely busy schedule (seriously. The dude works for a roofing company. He showed me pictures of a recent hailstorm with hail the size of tennis balls...)

Protest picture:

Yeah, seriously, that's the protest that brought "40-50" protestors. Right. There's *maybe* a couple dozen at the absolute most, and this was the "protest" at its apex. There's more lookie-loos and media around them than there are actual protestors. Also, look to the left of the picture and you'll see a good half-dozen cops - I asked the protestors if they thought the guns the officers carried were bad, too, but got no response. Go figure.

And there was an anti-protestor or two:


Here's the Magpul Unimog imitating a Harley:

It's marking its territory!

And, IMHO, one of the prettiest guns at the show:

Bavarian carbine from Sako at the Beretta group booth. It's in 6.5mm Swede, which I've heard is an amazing shooter, but boy that Mannlicher stock is purty.

There will be plenty more pictures coming...

That is all.


Mikael said...

I can confirm, 6.5 swede is typically an amazing shooter. Incredibly flat trajectory, sub-MOA accuracy.

First time shooting one I scored a 2" group at 200m(218yards) from prone, 5 shots. 3 of the holes in a neat little triangle close enough that a single target patch covered all 3.

Jim said...

6.5 Swede is my go-to round for centerfire hunting, period. It'll handle coyotes and it'll handle up to and including Elk and Moose.

I might want something more stout for bear, and certainly something rimfire for tree rats and the like.

Oh, and the aloha shirt? In Galveston, that is tactical!

Island Camo, FTW!

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Old NFO said...

Good ones, and looking forward to more pics... :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my Home town but do us a favor next time, if you see those protesters again giv'em a swift boot in the rear we won't mind at all. They sure as Heck don't represent the rest of us here.

Stretch said...

Oh my heavens! That Manlicher stocked 6.5 Swede has sparked some serious gun lust.
I'm sure the rest of your photos will fan the lust.

Stretch said...

Damn! Just checked the Sako site. No way is the Smarter Half gonna go for a $2,500 gift.

Jennifer said...

Hey! I know these people. I know he guy in the background of the first pic very well, actually.

Adam said...

The gun smith I use (Jeff Ashe in Harvard, MA, great work!) is an unabashed fan of the 6.5mm Swede and calls it the best white tail deer round of all time. He rolls his own as its hard to find around here.

Wally said...

Woohoo! Thanks to AwelowyNT for putting a giant smile on my face.