Thursday, May 16, 2013

NRA Convention Pictures #7: Small Guns

And when I say small, I mean *really* small. This is the Miniature Arms Society display that's been at the NRA convention every year I've been there, and every year I stop for a good half hour or so and just marvel at the wonders...

Here's one, just for starters:

This is a one-half scale Marlin 1893 lever action rifle. It works. They have ammo for it. I think this was the largest firearm they had on display.

Here's a picture for scale:

That's a Colt Single Action Army with my camera lens cap for scale...

Here is a TEENY one:

That is a 1/6 scale Ingram Mac-10. The real Mac-10 is 10.5" long. Figure THAT out...

How do you make tiny firearms? Why, with this:

Yes, they have a miniature lathe to go with the tiny guns, and yes, it is real and does get used.

Lastly, what would happen if you had a tiny war? The sides would fight with tiny guns, of course!



I really wish I'd thought to hold something up for scale. As it was, it was challenging enough taking pictures through the glass. I was afraid if I asked to have something taken out of the case, I'd get too close and accidentally inhale one of the guns. Then, going through airport security there'd be hell to pay.

"Look out! He has a tiny Uzi in his colon!"

My mind is an interesting place. It's best not to think about it too much...

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Great pics, and at least yours came out! :-) I had too many reflections!!!

Shane W said...

Those are awesome! I call dibs on the M1 Carbine if things go all "honey I shrunk the kids" :)

instinct said...

you have a mind??? When did that happen? I thought you had traded it in for a lifetime supply of Jolt Cola

Ed said...

Uzi colon sounds kinda messy.

Daniel in Brookline said...

That Ingram is cute!

Does it shoot .075-caliber bullets? (I'm imagining something like a pencil lead flying through the air...)