Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NRA Convention Pictures #5: Miscellaneous!

Heh. Here's a group of pictures that didn't fit in anywhere else, but were far too cool not to share. First off, a study in contrasts:


How's that for neighbors? Short-barreled AR-15s and a GORGEOUS .45-70 lever-action rifle?

This one's for Wally:

Glock 34, 9mm, target model.

And lastly, one of the way-coolest guns at the show:

Yes. That is exactly what it looks like. It is a .50 caliber blackpowder AR-15. Make of that what you will...

Of course, I took one look at that and immediately wanted to get one. Why, you ask, besides the obvious? Because I could have a post-ban lower with that - since it's not a firearm, after all, it's perfectly legal to have a collapsible stock and a bayonet lug... Besides, there's just something about black powder out of a black rifle.

Think this wraps up the gun pr0n from the convention; next up are a couple new items to check out...

That is all.


Shane W said...

Great pics! I love the .45_70 and that .50 is downright cool!

Jennifer said...

Ooh! Turnbull.
Yeah, I have just scratched the surface of the pics I took. Hopefully I'll start getting them published soon.

Geodkyt said...

Unfortunately, that blackpowder upper still constitutes a "modern" firearm under fed rules, since it uses the receiver of a modern firearm -- a specific exemption to the "muzzle loaders aren't 'firearms'" definition.

I'd be surprised if MA didn't have a similar definition, if only because most states clone the federal definitions as a starting point, then add infringements from there.

Ian Argent said...

Someone needs to show that last to Cemetery.

WV: vddiec words. Very Meta