Saturday, May 4, 2013

NRA Convention, Day Two

Sitting in the press room, waiting for the coffee to kick in before hitting the floor again. Still need to hit a few vendors, and then I'm going to walk around looking for cool shiny for gun pr0n. There's allegations that there are going to be protestors later, so we're going to be on alert for that pleasantness for documentation and mockery.

Heard in the press conference was the QOTD: "Imagine if they charged $200 to go vote" - AwelowNT

QOTD2*"The solution to bad behavior is more good behavior" - Weerdbeard

And now, I have to go look at acres of guns - I know, it's a rough life...

*I can have two. My blog, my rules

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Old NFO said...

Snerk... Good ones!

Glenn B said...

Wish I was there with you for all that tough stuff but as it turned out I got stuck in a training program I needed to attend. Oh well, next year I suppose. The NRA convention definitely is going on the to do list. Keep on having fun for all of us who could not make it. We are vicariously enjoying being there through you and your posts, so please keep on having a good time!

Daniel in Brookline said...

"Imagine if they charged $200 to go vote"

Didn't Heinlein suggest something like this in 1980? Deposit one-quarter Troy ounce of gold ($100 then, more like $400 now), enter the voting booth, and be presented with a randomly-generated quadratic equation. Solve it correctly, vote, and get your deposit back. Get it wrong, and you lose the gold, don't vote, and a flashing sign says "STUPID NON-VOTER HERE".

Obviously there are problems with this. Just as obviously, he was concerned about 'low information voters' a third of a century ago!