Friday, May 31, 2013

NoVA Blogmeet and Kidshoot Update/Reminder.

By the time this posts, I should be well underway to VA to partake in the Second Annual Kid Shoot in honor of #1 Blogdaughter's birthday and Open Carry weekend. See this post for more information on the events of this weekend.

Tonight there will be a group of us getting together at Vinny's in King George at 7:00 PM. Out-of-town folks (like your humble host) are encouraged to attend, and while I am hesitant to name-drop, I hear Old NFO and Bubblehead Les will be there (among others).

Tomorrow we'll have the shoot in the afternoon, followed by a rip-roaring birthday party to celebrate a special [mumble mumble] birthday (don't tell her I told you, but I think she's turning 38). Sunday we'll have a late brunch (I imagine a fair number of folks will be sleeping in late...) and then folks will start moseying home.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Waitin on you... :-)

agirlandhergun said...

Enjoyed meeting you in person. Thanks so much for your time and patience with my kiddos.

They have been shooting many times before and attended Nancy's event last year, but E especially loved your instruction and kindness.

Have a safe trip back home.

Mopar said...

hope ya waved as you drove by.....