Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Never Bring a Shovel To a Gunfight...

Bob sends in the next addition to the DGC:

Orangeburg sheriff: Resident fatally shot man who broke into home with shovel
A homeowner fatally shot a man who broke into his home near Orangeburg on Sunday night, the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office said.

DeShawn Randolph, 21, used a shovel to break through a back window of a Kings Road home, according to a statement from Sheriff Leroy Ravenell.
Now, from the write-up (which are often mere outlines), it sounds like the homeowner fired in the direction of the breaking glass and got lucky. I tend to view that with some skepticism, as fatal hits don't generally just happen. The goblin was a real choirboy - at 21, he had been a felon since 18 with multiple convictions to his record. And, yet, he was out on parole, free to break into houses at will.

Quite often these are the types of goblins that graduate to more violent encounters. Years and years of exposure to the "justice" system teaches them that they're not going to face any real consequences for their lawbreaking. As a result, they grow more and more brazen, with their acts growing more violent with each successive event. Sadly, the spiral often ends with the death of an innocent.

Unless the goblin runs into an armed homeowner first.

Dead Goblin Count: 404 (Live Goblin Not Found!)

That is all.


RWC said...

404 - Live Goblin Not Found

Coffee meet keyboard.

Nice way to start the day.

Crotalus said...

Live goblin not found? Dead goblin had accomplice?

BGMiller said...

When I read the title my first thought was of the guy that hammered a shovel into an AK receiver.

I spend too much time on the internets....

Oh look! Cats! With funny captions!


Crotalus said...

Oh, NOW I get it! The 404 dead goblin count=code when something's not found on a search!