Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Neat Concept

One of the slicker guns at the NRA convention was the SRM Arms semi-automatic shotgun. The interesting feature was the 16 round removable magazine, with four separate 4-round chambers. I chatted with them briefly about this intriguing new shottie:

I'll admit, I think that's damn cool. I was with Lawdog, and he had an excellent point - you could load slugs in one tube, buckshot in another, birdshot in another, and steel shot in the last if you were so inclined. For home defense purposes, two sleeves of slugs and two sleeves of 00 buck would give you 16 rounds of very potent home defense ammo at your disposal. The magazines can be interchanged fairly easily (but the MSRP is $199, so I don't think you'd see too many folks carrying 4 or 5 extra magazines!), so you could conceivably have 16 rounds of buckshot and 16 slugs - or 32 1 ounce slugs - with just one reload.

The folks at SRM Arms have done their homework - they've put together a comparison chart that shows their shotgun against five of their most popular competitors. It's a great visual aid as well as giving some of the vital statistics - although the Saiga has 8, 10, and 20 round magazines available, and the Mossberg 590 has an 8 round tubular magazine, but overall it provides a clear look at the field. About the only other shotgun I'd have considered adding would be the MKA 1919, as it's another semi-auto with a detachable magazine.

I would dearly love to try one of these out, except I'm not sure how that magazine counts. Nothing else about the SRM shotgun breaks the "assault weapon" criteria - there's no evil bayonet lug, or flash suppressor, or collapsible/folding stock. I'm not sure how that magazine qualifies, though - one would think that it would be no different than the "tristar" Ruger 10/22 magazines that interlocked three 10-round magazines, which are ban-compliant.

If this is the case, and anyone from SRM Arms happens across this, I'd love to try out the SRM for a review...

That is all.


Mopar said...

Banned here in CT by the new AWB.

Lupis42 said...

Unfortunately, it's also banned in MA, even if capacity is not an issue...

MA shotgun evil features list:
(D) a semiautomatic shotgun that has at least 2 of--
(i) a folding or telescoping stock;
(ii) a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon;
(iii) a fixed magazine capacity in excess of 5 rounds; and
(iv) an ability to accept a detachable magazine.'.

Detailed FAQ here.

As a Saiga owner, I share your frustration.

Lupis42 said...

On the capacity front, what matters is whether you could convince a jury that rotating a new magazine into line was "changing a magazine" and therefore, it was an assembly with 4 4 round mags, rather than a 16 round mag.

Geodkyt said...

Lupis42: I would argue it's no different than multiple mags clipped together.

Lupis42 said...


I would be making a similar argument, but I would have a bit of a hard time when the DA responds "So how do you unclip them? How do you use them seperately?"

Daniel in Brookline said...

Re: the Ruger 10/22 tristar thingie -- my wife was wondering how difficult it would be to rig a Rube Goldberg device to detect an empty magazine and rotate the next one into place.

Presumably you'd need to load 10-round mags separately and then assemble them first... but then you'd effectively have a Mass-compliant 30-round magazine, wouldn't you?

Perhaps there's an untapped aftermarket here.

Gay_Cynic said...

You know, I am curious about the day when someone runs the "telescoping stock" requirement up against the Americans with Disabilities Act..