Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More New Gear!

Another neat piece of kit I picked up at the NRA Convention was this innovative new sling:

That's a Slogan Outdoors synthetic rubber sling. The elasticity of the rubber itself is part of the ingenious retention system, which allows the sling to hold a rifle in place whilst hiking through the elements in search of prey. It's made in the USA, very reasonably priced (MSRP runs right around $40 for most models; some are a little more, some a little less), and they're guaranteed for life.

The good folks at Slogan were kind enough to run a quick demo for us on the sling:

You had better believe this is going on the Conspirator should there be prairie dog hunting in the future. This iteration is a standard sling configuration - two swivel swing attachment points - but they also have a tactical version available. There's also a version for the bowhunters, and Michael has one that he'll be reviewing. It's a great looking product, a solid concept, and I'm looking forward to trying this one out both in the field and on the range.

Full report to follow!

That is all.


Jumblerant said...

A very nice looking sling - but doesn't the rifle bounce around when you're climbing through the scrub or just walking down a path?

One of the more positive aspects of the British SA80 was the sling that allowed you to have the rifle on your back, side or in front, with never actually needing to adjust it.

Wally said...

That is a carry strap not a sling.elasticity in a sling is not conducive to using a sling for accuracy. For carrying a rife tho it is fine

Tierlieb said...

I saw maineprepper on youtube build a flexible sling, so I had to have one myself. My observation: It works, even for steadying in the rifle, though of course not as good as a classic ching sling.

But most rubber materials do not lend themselves to being used with quick length adjustment levers. So for me, shoulder-to-shoulder transitions suck, because the sling is either too short to shoot on the weak side or too long to be used on the strong side.

Evyl Robot Michael said...

Hopefully I'll have mine in the woods this weekend.