Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hey, I Know That Guy!

So, during the protest at the NRA convention, the folks from Buzzfeed were talking to the folks outside of the NRA convention asking for our counter arguments. They asked us what we'd like to say to the protestors, and to write it down. They posted the top 25 responses yesterday, and look who made the cut:

#1 Blogdaughter, Weerdbeard, and AwelowNT also made the list. I'll let you figure out if you can piece together who they are...Overall, the guys from Buzzfeed did a reasonable job. I'll give them being generous listing the number of the protestor at 40 - 50; I will disagree that the protestors were silently protesting. They were singing songs and chanting slogans intended to shame and embarrass the attendees of the convention. I guess it scans better that way...

But yeah, look, Buzzfeed!

That is all.


threecollie said...


Old NFO said...

Nice!!! :-)

libertyman said...

Proud to say I know three of those folks! Well put, Jay, Nancy and Weerd!

Erin Palette said...


You're welcome, Jay.

DJ said...

Here's a link for those who want to see all the pix:


Good job, Jay & everyone!