Monday, May 6, 2013

Heading Home...

Well, the time has come for all good things to end. The 2013 NRA Convention was a LOT of fun - good people, good venue, Texas, etc. And no, the Houston drivers barely make amateur hour compared to back home. But now it's time to check out of the hotel, return the rental car, and endure TSA probulation to get in the big metal tube to hurtle through the sky back home.

It's about time, too.

Four days on the road away from the family is about my limit. Four days away from the familiar and the comfortable - even including work - puts me right about on the edge of my comfort zone. I've had a great time visiting with people, seeing the sights, walking the convention floor, but right now, seeing the Earthf**ker in my driveway and the lawn that needs mowing is going to be quite a welcome sight.

I'll be out of touch for most of the day - it's a four hour flight, plus a couple hours on the front end getting to the airport and through security, and all in all I'm leaving the hotel by 7:45 and not getting home until probably 6:00 PM. The glamour of modern travel, such as it is. Dunno how much posting I'll get to do today, but starting tomorrow I'll have a more thorough review of the convention in pictures and video.

Right now, though, I just want to get home.

That is all.

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Old_Painless said...

It was a pleasure meeting you. One of my 6 fans. ;)