Thursday, May 9, 2013

Good News, Especially Considering Where It's From...

PISSED shared this bit of good news with me yesterday:

MA gun owners says membership is soaring
BOSTON (AP) -- The state's top gun advocacy group says membership has soared in recent months.

The Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts said that it has surpassed 16,000 members in the state. The group said it has added about 3,000 members since January.
I'd believe it. I renewed my MA LTC last month, and in talking with the licensing officer, our little town has DOUBLED the number of gun permits from last year to this year. My local gun shop had to install a deli counter-style ticket machine to handle the throngs that pack the store every single day. As my good friend Weerdbeard points out, what happens in MA is that you don't see tepid gun owners in MA - when we go in, we go all in. You don't jump through the hoops just to have a deer rifle you shoot once a year.

I ran into Jim Wallace (GOAL Executive Director) at the NRA convention and we talked for a bit about the proposed MA legislation coming up. We're facing some pretty nasty proposals (like NY) in the legislature, and GOAL has been instrumental in organizing pro-2A demonstrations on Boston Common and making people aware of the complexities of MA gun laws. Anything that makes the life of the gunowner in MA a little better is a good thing - and GOAL has been doing great work here recently and always.

It's good to see that their hard work is paying off - because we all win that way.

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...


While I agree that keeping the anti freedom statist asswipes at bay is indeed important, the broader issue in my opinion is two-fold:
1. Rollback some or all of the crap foisted on MA in the 1998 turd package.
2. Win over the 'hearts and minds' of the anti's to where they will at least start to listen to logic rather than accept what feels like the right thing to do because they 'did something' to prevent gun violence.

#1 can be achieved via the federal courts (see IL re: concealed carry) but that process is time consuming and expensive.
#2 is of course much more challenging. One shooter at a time and all, but damn, we've got something like 7,000,000 residents of MA. That's gonna take a while.



libertyman said...

I will hasten to renew my membership in GOAL, as I have let it lapse for too long now. They are doing what they can, and yet the deck is stacked against them. Especially when Massachusetts voters send the same type of representatives to political office year after year.

It is virtually impossible for an out of stater (like me) to get a carry license in Massachusetts.

This must change, and Brad has it right, it will likely have to come through the Supreme Court. But I doubt it will happen in my lifetime.

JD said...

I have to say numbers look up from where I am at. . . I have two folks I work with already put in for their first permits, and two more are thinking about it. . . I really need to get my NRA cert so I can train folks. .

Daniel in Brookline said...

Jay, I haven't seen anything yet about new MA gun-control laws on the way. Care to do a blogpost about it?

Ed said...

Next step is for Congress to pass legislation mandating reciprocity in the states honoring out-of-state licenses to carry. This scheme currently works for driver licenses, which is a "privilege", so it should work for the keeping and bearing of arms, which is a right. While Congress is at it, you should be able to purchase all firearms in any state without involving a FFL in your home state..