Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Double Dose of Dumb...

Two lovely stories from the Volksrepublik...

Foxborough man gets 5 years for 15th DUI conviction
WORCESTER, Mass. —A Foxborough man has been sentenced to five years in prison for what prosecutors say was his 15th drunken driving conviction.

But a lawyer for 65-year-old Kenneth Norman said in court on Wednesday that his client has a heart condition and the five-year sentence is as good as a death sentence. He noted that Norman had never hurt anyone.
Let's see. Nope. The give-a-damn-o-meter is still registering zero. Your client got REALLY GODDAMNED LUCKY. FIFTEEN CONVICTIONS??? In Massachusetts, you are supposed to lose your license to drive a car FOREVER after your FIFTH conviction. Norman had a valid RI driver's license. And yet the empty-headed simpletons who want to push gun control on us claim that guns should be regulated like cars. WANNA RETHINK THAT, EINSTEIN? If we did treat guns like cars, then I could commit a crime, have my right to own a gun taken away, and then just move to a new state and have the slate wiped clean. That's what Mr. Norman did.

Throw this guy in jail. KEEP HIM THERE. It is QUITE obvious that nothing short of a jail cell or a bullet to the brain stem is going to keep this lush from getting drunk and pouring himself behind the wheel of a car. Something tells me that he has to be doing something fishy with his state of residence, too, if he has a Rhode Island driver's license but he's tooling around Massachusetts. Let's hit him with a few fraud convictions. Anything to keep him off the damn road. His attorney claims he's never hurt anyone - problem is, we have no way of knowing if this is in fact true - for every time he got caught, there were countless other times when he didn't.

Fifteen convictions. Still out on the street. Still driving with a valid license. Tell me again how just one more law will fix ANY DAMN THING.

Audit shows $2.4M in welfare benefits given to dead recipients
BOSTON —The state's welfare agency made millions of dollars in questionable payments to people who were dead or otherwise ineligible for benefits, and missed numerous opportunities to detect potential fraud, according to an audit made public Tuesday.

The acting head of the Department of Transitional Assistance said many of the issues raised in the report from state Auditor Suzanne Bump had already been addressed. In March, the agency unveiled a plan for ending abuse and assuring that benefits are legitimately going to those eligible to receive them.
RIGHT. And I'm going to grow wings and fly myself to the moon. Read the article. Over a thousand people - over a period of time up to and over two years - were receiving benefits after their death. These benefits were being claimed by someone - how much do you want to bet there are zero prosecutions. Even better, there's another cool million wasted in outright fraud, where folks had multiple SSNs and such. Again, I'll wager no prosecution. If they can't be bothered to run checks for fraud, they're certainly not going to be too gung-ho to prosecute folks for breaking those laws.

It keeps coming back to one thing and one thing above all. The laws that are on the books - whether they be against driving while intoxicated or committing fraud - are not being enforced anywhere near to the fullest extent. Folks break the laws with impunity because the agency or agencies tasked with enforcing the laws are not adequately prosecuting them. In the case of the OUI, a cynical person would think that the state gets more money from repeat drunk drivers in fines, court costs, etc. than from locking them up. In the case of welfare fraud, it can only be raw laziness and/or incompetence.

But you know, we just need "one more law" "for the children" and all gun-related violence will cease forever, right?

That is all.


dagamore said...

I lost my wife to a drunk many many years ago. Hell I have been a widower longer then I was married. Personally I think that the penalty for the second DUI should be death. And I Mass cant find someone to due it, I will drive there and pull the trigger for them. I will even bring my own rifle and ammo in to the state.

Old NFO said...

Y'all are doing REAL good up there, yep... Sigh...

Hjalti said...

How could the welfare recipients be dead? aren't they all still voting Dem?

Crotalus said...

Even if you sprout wings, you can't fly to the moon. No air. Wings gotta have air to generate lift. ;-)

Geodkyt said...

1st DUI? Ok, maybe you didn't realize you had passed your limit. Huge fine, jailtime suspended to work release with probation, mandatory juicer classes, etc.

2nd DUI? Ok, you're obviously stupid. Maybe a month in jail, huge fines, juicer classes, loss of license for a year or so, probation for several years.

3rd DUI? Ok, you don't WANT to learn. Prison time, fines, lifetime revocation. We're beyond trying to teach you "You can't handle your booze, m'kay?" in a classroom setting. . .

4th DUI? Well, you've already lost your license for life; apparantly lack of license and time avoiding (or enjoying, I won't judge) prison shower sex isn't getting through, so maybe we just need to lock you up in the Old Felon's home for life. Because it's pretty apparant that, license or no, fines or no, classes or no, if we let you out, you're just going to do it again.

Of course, this all presumes you didn't get into an accident with any of your DUIs, you just got popped for weaving at 35mph on the interstate.

Injuries or property damages would be seperate matters, treated as if you did them with intent to do something stupid. . . because, you did decide to do something stupid when you decided to get tanked and get behind the wheel.

Armed Texan said...

Whadda'ya wanna bet that the Dept. of Assistance is still refilling the older marathon bomber brother's EBT card on a monthly basis.

notDilbert said...

Of course dead welfare recipients can still vote. That's whole point of the welfare Dept. after all.

In any case, any competent DBA can write querys to look for duplicates and matches to find Dead Welfare collectors -- Multiple EBT cards and any other sort of fraud and abuse you can think of. I'm pretty sure that the state has at aleast few competent DBA's

........... but I'm also sure that thoose same DBA's are also smart enough to know that doing that is the quickest way to end thier cushy gig with the state as one of the few who keeps things running.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Same problem here in Ohio. But isn't it interesting that the Nanny State will go after the Guy who waters down Booze rather than the Drunk who consumes it?

Oh, wait, the Nanny State only gets Tax Revenue IF they sell the Booze in the first place. But if you don't buy as much because it's watered down...

Anonymous said...

We have reached a point, I believe, where not even the liberals' wettest police state dreams can ever truly enforce the laws on the books. We have more laws than cops, more laws than any one cop or ten cops can learn in a lifetime, and we have allowed fraud and corruption to flourish in the shadows of unenforced and unenforceable law. At this point, with the number of laws and the amount of law-breaking, we'd pretty much have to deputize the entire country to catch everyone. 'Course, that won't work, since we'll be deputizing (more) foxes to catch the egg-thieves in the hen-house.

There is one solution to catching/punishing the fraudsters and ending the fraud and waste, and one solution only.

End the opportunity for fraud. Cancel/delete/shut down/remove the programs they use to commit fraud. By all means, focus law-enforcement efforts on tracking down the now-former fraudsters, in an attempt to regain at least a penny of each dollar they stole, and to punish them for the theft. But we do not, will not, and can not, have the resources to track them all down, not so long as the programs providing opportunity for fraud still exist, and are being taken advantage of.

Yes, this means ending welfare. Also, ending or severely cutting programs such as food stamps, farm subsidies, social security, EBT, WIC, HUD, and many, many more.

So long as the programs giving hands out exist, fraud will exist too, in direct proportion to the size of the program, no matter the good intentions or realized actual benefits of having said program.