Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Don't You Have *Real* Criminals To Catch?"

The above line was one of the few things that would really set Dad off when he was a State Police officer. 99.999999% of the time it was uttered by someone he had pulled over for speeding, and Dad's standard response was "I've already caught my quota of thieves and murderers, so I'm working on my quota of @$$holes"...

This story, though, really makes me support the use of that question.

Lure Of Late Night Pepperoni Gets 3 Boston Pizza Places In Trouble
BOSTON (CBS) – The lure of late night pepperoni pizza got some Boston pizza places in trouble.

At Boston City Hall the licensing board will decide this week whether there should be sanctions against three pizza places that were cited for staying open too late.
I understand that these restaurants have operating hours and conditions under which they can operate. And, since it apparently needs to be said, yes, they stayed open past their stated hours, the hours that they were permitted to be opened. They should face a fine or other type of sanction. But damn, you're talking about a police officer issuing a citation at 2 in the morning to a damn pizza parlor next to a university on a Saturday night. Do the police in Boston really have nothing better to do at 2AM than write tickets to pizza places for being open 30 minutes too late?

Yes, I know. We are a nation of laws. These places are granted permits to be open for business and have certain terms set, hours of permitted operation among those terms. These restaurants have been cited; whether they are sanctioned remains to be seen. Perhaps this is a first offense and they will be given a warning; conversely, perhaps this is the tenth time they've been caught violating their operating parameters (one restaurant was open three hours past their stated closing time). It just seems such a frivolous thing to be expending police presence on given the myriad other issues facing the city of Boston.

Now, if they had cited Dominoes for "improper use of the word 'pizza' to describe cardboard covered with catsup and cheese" I could get behind that...

That is all.


sailorcurt said...

I understand that your dad was just doing his job, but in the case of speeding tickets his job is nothing more than tax collection.

The thing that drives me batty about it is that I see people doing outright dangerous, stupid things on the road every day and there never seems to be a cop around to pull them over. THAT's what the cops should be stopping: dangerous activity.

Pulling someone over because they're traveling 8mph (or even 15 for that matter) over the speed limit while doing so in a manner that places no one else in jeopardy (not tail-gaiting, not swerving in and out of traffic, not passing in the wrong lane, etc...just driving a bit over the speed limit) is nothing more than revenue generation and it bugs the crap out of me.

But I guess if the cops are OK with being glorified tax collectors...maybe that's what they envisioned when they decided to put on a gun and a badge years ago to begin with.

Dirk said...

What gets me about these places being cited for "being open too late"... Why in the world does the .gov have any say-so in what the operation hours of a business are?

That should be strictly up to the business, making decisions about whether they're likely to get enough orders at certain times to make it worth staying open.

The *ONLY* exception I can think of is maybe a liquor store, where there are laws governing what times alcoholic beverages can be sold...though, again, I fail to understand why the .gov has any business regulating what time a product can be sold, either - especially since most alcohol-related laws have their basis in religion!

Geodkyt said...

Wouldn't an "open too late" citation for a non-alcohol serving restaurant come from the Health Department?

Don't they have cognizance over restaurant operations? Cop notes restaurant open too late, mentions it to his supervisor during shift outbrief. Roach Cops send a nasty letter to restaurant the next day. Done.

Anonymous said...

+1 Dirk.

If I want to be open 24/7/365 what business is it of any governmental agency?

Screw you coppers, you'll take the pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese for my cold dead hand!


billf said...

Not to hijack your comments,but I think you'll enjoy this;I was stopped by a state trooper because he could see that I wasn't wearing my seat belt.I used the line"Shouldn't you be arresting speeders or people not using their turn signals...etc"He told me "Some days I see how many speeders I can ticket,today I decided to see how many seat belt tickets I can write,please wait here while I go write your citation"
He did redeem himself somewhat-as I handed him my license,I told him he might find that I hold a CCW,but I didn't happen to have a weapon in the car today.When he returned with my ticket he said "If you have been approved for concealed carry,I recommend that you go armed at all times,because you never know when someone will try to do you harm."

Scott_S said...

Jay not to bash your frame of refference but when was the last time you had a domino's pizza?

They changed some things about 3 years ago and they have made vast improvements.

If anything is similar to old dominos I would say it's Pizza Hut or Papa Johns.

Bob S. said...

I agree with Dirk; we need to focus on the fact we have a government that is telling businesses how many hours they can operate.

We should use these opportunities to hammer home how oppressive governments of all levels have became.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Dirk +1

"That should be strictly up to the business, making decisions about whether they're likely to get enough orders at certain times to make it worth staying open."

It appears that not only do they get enough orders that late to make it worth staying open, they get enough orders that late to make it worth the costs of citations and fines when they get caught.

That's a big sign that the local .gov needs to shut up and let them do the business that the community is demanding.

Sigivald said...

What Scott said.

Dominos is not horrible these days.

They're not great pie, and there's usually a Local Joint that can beat them, but as the nationals go, they might be #1.

Randy said...

+1 to Dirk. And I'm a little disappointed at your seeming acceptance of this intrusion, maybe you've lived up there too long. You should make a longer visit to Texas.

Chris said...

"We are a nation of laws. "

Not when there are so many laws that no one person can know whether he is breaking one of them. Not when the laws are capricious and wander into areas for which there is no legitimate reason for government oversight. Unless the pizza joints switch to arsenic instead of oregano if they stay open too late, the government has no call on telling a business how to run itself.

BTW, the CAPTCHA is "unhealthful". No, really.

Anonymous said...

It is, of course, outrageous that the police are using their finite resources on this kind of thing.

That having been said--well, in my admittedly limited experience of fast-food pizza and pizza delivery places, I find there is more variance in quality between different locations of the same chain than there is between the different chains.

If a Brand X pizzeria is managed by people who care about a quality product and care enough to get good ingredients for their kitchen, and the people who work there care about a quality product and don't just half-ass everything they do, their pizza is probably going to be a lot better than what you get from the place across the street that is run by someone who's trying to minimize food costs by not throwing out ingredients that are too old and trying to minimize labor costs by hiring illegal aliens and vocational rehab cases right out of the halfway house, regardless of whether that one is also Brand X.

I've only been in one place that had consistently bad pizza across multiple locations in multiple states, and that is the CiCi's pizza buffet places they have in the Deep South and the Midwest. Their pizza is uniformly stale-tasting, despite the fact that you can stand there and watch them take it out of the oven and put it on the buffet table. I suspect the pre-packaged frozen crusts that chain buys are factory seconds/have passed their freshness date, or something of that nature. Compared to them, even the infamous Little Caesar's $5 pizzas aren't always bad.