Monday, May 20, 2013

CAUTION: This Post Is NOT For The Squeamish

There was a terrible, terrible crash this weekend in New Hampshire. The aftermath was pretty horrifying - speed was a factor, and the victim did not survive.

Speed Blamed For Porsche Crash In NH
DUMMER, NH (CBS) – A 60-year-old New York man was seriously injured after he lost control of a Porsche on Route 16 in Dummer, New Hampshire Saturday afternoon.

Police say George Gates was speeding and crashed the 1967 Porsche 911 into a telephone pole and then a tree.

There's a picture of the carnage. It is truly horrific. In the interest of science, we need to see this terrifying image in order to help spread the word about driving responsibly. You have been warned.

Last chance. This picture is extremely graphic. I've put the picture below the break for those with weak constitutions.

(picture from article)

My son asked me if I was crying when I read this story. I don't like to lie to him. So I didn't answer... A 1967 Porsche, totaled, cut apart like a tattered pair of jeans. Heartbreaking.

Friends don't let friends total vintage automobiles.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Actually, that doesn't look bad at all aside from the fact that some yahoos decided to cut the roof off.

notDilbert said...

A couple of things..

Yes, early 911's did not come with 3 point belts. But most surviors have been updated, fequently with a 4 point or 5 point harness ( which is actually worse unless you also have a roll bar / half cage. )

Lift throttle oversteer is a problem in the early 911's without an experiened driver, but since he appears to have gone off the road front first, probably not the cause in this case. But without more photos from other angles it hard to tell.

I'm assuming the EMT's cut the roof off to get him out.

But at least the expensive end appears to still be untoched.

....... and as one of my Track Day Instructors keeps telling students. There are no accidents..... Unless you were dodging an asteriod, everything else has a cause that was under the driver's control.

Angus McThag said...

To quote one my instructors who mirrors what yours said:

"There are ways you can choose to become a passenger in your own car."

Siddhartha said...

That will buff out...

AndyN said...

One more reason I could never work as a 1st responder - if I had to decide whether to save the body work or save the driver, I'm not 100% sure everyone would agree with my decision.

BGMiller said...

I hope trauma counselors have already sat down with the fire fighters, medics, and police that responded.

I especially hope that some support is being offered to the poor fire fighter that had to wield the hydraulic shears.

And lets not forget the guy on the flatbed that had to remove the corpse.


jed said...

That's a damn shame.

Have you ever checked out Wrecked Exotics?

Crotalus said...

Ya got me. Here I was expecting some really graphic carnage, and I get some really graphic "car"nage.

Crotalus said...

Ya got me. Here I was expecting some really graphic carnage, and I get some really graphic "car"nage.

Douglas2 said...

The reports I saw on Porsche fora suggested said the driver suffered from brain injuries, damaged vertebrae, crushed ribs, fractured kneecaps, and has been put in an induced coma. I had not heard that he died.


Those that knew him said he was not one to drive beyond his abilities, and they suspect that a moose encounter was the cause of the loss of control.

It looks like presence of a shoulder-belt could have made the injuties much less serious...