Monday, May 27, 2013

Because I Never Get Tired of This...

Brad_in_MA sends in the latest story of - yes, you guessed it - another "green" company going teats-up...

Electric car startup Better Place liquidating after $850 million investment
Better Place wanted to make the world a better place by replacing gas stations with battery switching stations that would remove the driving mileage limitations from electric cars and eventually rid the world of fossil-fuel burning vehicles. But after six years and burning through $850 million, the company is filing for liquidation in an Israeli court.

As reported by the Associated Press, Better Place's Board of Directors issued a written statement Sunday announcing that the company was winding down.
Now, I'll give them some credit here. They put more thought into this than just putting out a battery powered car; they realized that one of the limitations of electric vehicles was the range and put a plan in place to help that. It's not a horrific idea, really; the "recharge" station simply maintained a supply of fresh batteries that could be swapped out for the drained battery to keep the vehicle going. If your battery can get you 250 miles on a charge, that's not much less than a comparable small car with a 10 gallon fuel tank, and I'll wager swapping the batteries takes about as long as filling the tank.

HOWEVER... This just galls me:
Better Place switchable batteries would offer electric cars unlimited range and reduce dependency on oil.
Really? Where do you think that electricity comes from, bunky? Magic electricity fairies? Your greenie buddies hate nuclear power with a violent passion. Wind and solar power are unreliable. So most of that electricity has to come from somewhere, and guess where that somewhere is? While it's not oil, true, it's somewhere else that greenies find distasteful: coal. Your smugmobiles run on coal, at least in the US, because more than a third of all electricity generation in the United States comes from coal. Two thirds comes from coal and natural gas.

And there's also the matter of the chemicals that go into making those replaceable batteries.They're nasty, dirty chemicals ripped from Mother Gaia herself in places like China that are among the worst polluters of the planet. Yes, those same batteries powering your smug electric car are made from strip-mining the earth with slave labor.

How's that double tall smug latte taste now?

That is all.


notDilbert said...

Hydro Power? ... nope - Fish Quizenart

OK Wind Power ! ..... Nope - Bird Quizenart

How about Geo thermal .... and set off Volcanos ??? are you out of your mind?

Surely Solar is OK Then/ ... nope, uses bad Chemicals in Panel manufacturing.

BIO Mass?? ..... Euuuuuu! Cow poop.

Natural Gas??? .... OMG!!! CO2--- GLOBAL WARMINING!!!!!!!!

well, then I guess that leaves magic fairy dust......... Gay basher !!!

PJS said...

I aspire to leave as large a carbon footprint as possible.

Stretch said...

After pointing out to neighborhood Smugette that her Pius ... er ... Prius was connected via VEPCO lines to North and South Anna nuclear plants she split her time between cursing me and actually weeping.
I treated myself to an extra measure of single malt. Being evil can be SO satisfying.

PJS said...