Wednesday, May 15, 2013

And On the Not-So-Light Side...

Here's something to infuriate you...

6 current and former San Francisco school employees face charges they embezzled millions
SAN FRANCISCO – Six current and former San Francisco school district employees are facing charges that they embezzled some $15 million in grant money from the district.

District Attorney George Gascon and Schools Superintendent Richard Carranza announced the felony grand theft and embezzlement charges on Tuesday. Prosecutors say the six diverted the federal and state grant money into hidden slush fund accounts through several nonprofits over a 10-year period.
Now, there's a whole bunch going wrong here. The six people charged bear the responsibility for the theft and fraud, of course, but where the hell was the oversight? In ten years, no one from the state or federal offices that oversaw grant distribution ever followed up? These grants were given to the San Francisco school district with no follow up on how the money was used? Shouldn't there be reporting requirements from using the grant money?

And then, there's the tidbit that three of the six are an associate superintendent and "two former senior executives". Say what? Why on earth does a city school district even HAVE "senior executives? How much, I wonder, do these "senior executives" earn in a year? And, lastly, I wonder how many "senior executives" have ever been faced with pink slips when there are budget shortfalls - like teachers and teacher's aides often are.

Don't answer that - it's rhetorical.

That is all.

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Sigivald said...

"through several nonprofits " is the key to your question.

If those nonprofits also "did real things" on the side, well... all the audits in the world won't do anything more than reveal what everyone already knows, which is that that kind of nonprofit is incredibly inefficient and ineffective.

Those sorts of grants are giveaways anyway - the difference is this time the "wrong" guys got the money.