Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Democratic Proposal On Guns I Wholeheartedly Support

As does the Tea Party...

Tea Party, Democrats team up to block lawmakers looking for gun perks
WASHINGTON – It’s not a political alliance people are used to seeing. But in states like Texas and North Carolina, Tea Party supporters have been teaming up with Democrats to defeat measures that would expand gun rights for lawmakers but not the general public.

In Texas, the House defeated a measure on Sunday that would have given prosecuting attorneys and lawmakers permission to carry guns anywhere they wanted to in the state. Just 38 lawmakers voted for it, while 103 voted against.
A-freakin'-men. The exemption train has rolled as far as it should. It's bad enough that law enforcement gets exemptions on magazine restrictions, "assault weapon" features, and fully automatic weaponry. But to exclude politicians from the rules overseeing concealed carry? Not just no, but OH HELL NO. You don't like that you can't carry in [location X]? File a damn bill removing that restriction. If it's dangerous for you, it's dangerous for any of your constituents.

This, quite frankly, is the biggest crock of horsesh*t I've read in a while:
“We face a higher degree of risk because we’re known and people might not like our opinions,” Springer said.
I've got two words for you, Representative Spring. Bull, and s**t. You show me the FBI statistics showing the number of Representatives injured by irate constituents. I'll wager it's an extremely low number. He cites the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords - one of the only mass shootings that DIDN'T happen in a victim disarmament zone - as the skyrocketing number of assassination attempts that make him want to exempt politicians from the rules regarding concealed carry. Okay, name one other politician attacked. Seriously. You have to go back to, what, Ronald Reagan?

Springer's counterpart in North Carolina, ironically enough, was arrested on theft and fraud charges...

It's quite simple, actually. You want to be able to carry a concealed weapon into a church? File a bill repealing the restriction on carrying in a house of worship. You want to carry a firearm to the local stadium? File a bill repealing the restriction on carrying in a sports complex. Laws can be unmade just the same as made - you know, like why pencils have erasers. You can repeal a bad law just as easily as you can pass a second bad law.

What I love is that they're admitting that gun-free zones don't work without actually coming out and saying it. They're saying "Boy, it's real dangerous out there; in fact, it's so dangerous that we need our concealed firearms. In fact, it's so dangerous that we need to specifically exempt ourselves from the laws that prevent people from carrying into these dangerous places". If it's that dangerous, then you damn well shouldn't prevent the good people from carrying - because they are the only people dissuaded by a "No Guns Allowed" sign.

Let's disabuse the representatives, senators, et al of the notion that they are special.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

It's a weekly game at my place of worship to guess which congregants are carrying. No one has ever mentioned it, and no one ever remarks on it.


Cormac said...

Wasn't a governor attacked by some crazy guy with a knife a year or two ago?

I remember hearing about it as an example of a story that nobody talked about, because it didn't involve a gun...

Robert said...

To prove that gun-free zones work, all congresscritters at all levels should wear a sign proclaiming themselves a gun-free zone. The best leadership is by example. Let 'em lead!

Anonymous said...

I suppose that because Idaho has a law allowing judges, prosecutors, public defenders, councilmen, etc the right to basically carry without training, or a permit because they might be attacked then other states may want to follow suit.

Then again we don't have the same idiotic gun restrictions like California, or even Mass.

Idaho uses these same arguments for courthouse security so much so that in at least three counties you have to go through a complete security theater like you do at the local airport, and at a cost of millions.

I use to tell people to move here, but with our public school system, I now say if you have children don't do that to them.

Ed said...

Any law that applies unequally to various groups of citizens should denied if brought to a vote, and should be repealed if already enacted. I do not hold the decision capabilities of anyone higher than my own. I do value everyone's judgement as well as my own. We all can make errors. Everyone's ability to vote and serve on a jury equals mine.

Otherwise, we more resemble "Animal Farm", where all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.