Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Shane W. sends in the 400th DGC addition:

Neighbor Shoots, Kills Attempted Burglar In Springfield
SPRINGFIELD, Ohio - A man who authorities said was trying to break into a southwestern Ohio home was shot and killed by a neighbor.

Authorities said a Springfield woman called her next-door neighbor before calling 911 at about 7 a.m. Saturday.
I can totally see this. Not meant as a knock at the police in the least - the next-door neighbor, logistically, is closer and likely to get there faster than a police officer. My dad, a retired MA State Police officer, lives next door, and when I am out of town, the Mrs. would call him first, too. So, Mr. Friendly Neighbor arrives, the goblin is not dissuaded by the fact that the neighbor is armed and attacks. Mr. Friendly Neighbor responds by shooting him dead.

[pause to let cheering subside]

There's a phrase for this. It's called "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes". Goblin had the chance to run off when confronted, but instead thought that Mister Friendly Neighbor was merely bluffing. He learned the hard way that if you call someone's bluff - and they're not bluffing - very bad things can happen. Like getting shot in the chest. I wonder what the neighbor used? Obviously it wasn't a double barreled shotgun, because he would have fired it into the air and the bad guy would immediately run off...

I wonder if we can hit 500 dead goblins by the end of the year?

Dead Goblin Count: 400

That is all.


Suzanne McCarley said...

Cheering has not subsided.

Shane W said...

I'm suprised we don't hear more of this, with as long as it takes for police to show up.