Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Wealthiest One Percent"...

Yep, here's another story about those eeeevil corporations and their bloated salaries...

Watchdog: Energy Department skirted rules to pay contractor execs $300G salaries
The top watchdog for the U.S. Energy Department has found repeated examples of the agency overpaying contractors at national labs – with the most recent being a decision to approve exorbitant executive salaries at a cost to taxpayers of up to $3.45 million.

The March 22 Office of Inspector General report found the agency awarded the salaries to 10 executives as part of a $2.2 billion environmental cleanup contract in 2011 at the East Tennessee Technology Park, in the city of Oak Ridge.
Not only are they making well into six figure salaries, they're making this over and above what the US DOE puts as a salary cap. The DOE has these regulations and salary caps in place, and yet on multiple occasions they assigned salaries in excess of the allowed amount to certain contractors - and yet no one seems to care why. These contractors are making salaries that - were they on Wall Street - folks would be jumping up and down about...

What a difference ten years makes, eh? When Halliburton was winning contracts under the Bush administration, we knew everything about the nature of their ties to the Bush administration. We were subject to endless rumors about why they were winning contracts; endless Hollywood-fueled speculation over sweetheart deals, Cheney's retirement package, etc. Yet those same voices are curiously silent over a US government agency deliberately ignoring their own rules to pay contracts far in excess of the maximum amount.

I wonder what kind of ties to the Obama administration we'd find if we actually had a free - or at least curious - press?

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Equally entertaining is that there was no mention of just what is that they needed to clean up at the benign sounding Tennesee "Technology Park" in the bucolic sounding town of Oak Ridge.

At least when I worked at Rocky Flats , everyone had a pretty good idea of what we made there --even if we couldn't tell them

Not Dilbert

Stingray said...

For the sake of being fair with no good reason to do so, as a resident of one of the company towns the mentioned national labs inhabit, this isn't anything new or specific to Obama even a little. The only real question is whether the companies with the overpaid top dogs changed between administrations. My gut reaction, at least for Los Alamos, is "no," but I don't have numbers to back that hunch obviously.

(Though if anybody is *that* curious, Bechtel would be very high up my list of outfits in need of scrutiny.)