Friday, April 5, 2013

Until They Kill Someone...

Lovely. Just lovely.

CA teen accused of causing crash that killed 5 in Nevada had escaped from juvenile facility
LOS ANGELES – An 18-year-old man facing drunken driving charges in a Nevada interstate crash that killed five members of a Southern California family was a fugitive from a California juvenile facility at the time of the accident.

Todd Spitzer, an Orange County supervisor, wants an investigation to determine whether any efforts were made to locate Jean Ervin Soriano after he escaped from the county facility. Spitzer says the Board of Supervisors only learned about Soriano's fugitive status this week, though the escape occurred March 1.
That doesn't sound like "escaped" to me. That sounds like "walked away from, and wasn't missed". Gone for over a month and only noticed that he was gone because he was another state being arrested for vehicular homicide and OUI. Nice. Now, the article doesn't give any reason the teen was in the juvenile detention facility, but give that he was over 18 and still in the juvenile system makes me wonder if it was something serious that would necessitate him remaining there until he turns 21.

But yeah, great job Orange County. Five people are dead, a family ripped apart by one young man's carelessness - and it's all on your shoulders. Had this young man's absence from the service of the state been noticed, oh, within hours or a day or two, it's highly likely he wouldn't have been in Nevada drinking and driving. Apparently keeping track of your criminals is yet another government service falling by the wayside as California scrambles to fill budget shortfalls.

It's just too bad that five people had to die because the state of California can't keep track of their prisoners...

That is all.

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Armed Texan said...

Would you rather they "balance the budget on the backs of the poor" or "lay off firefighters and cops"?!? Nope, you tax payers are just going to have to cough up more dough to the true one percent, government.

Ed said...

Uh... How is an 18 year old a "juvenile" and not an adult?