Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Unanswered Questions...

Wow. This is just... Wow.

Ex-inmate suspected of killing Colorado prisons chief mistakenly freed 4 years early
Because of a paperwork error, the suspect in last month's killing of Colorado's corrections chief was freed from prison in January -- four years earlier than authorities intended.

Judicial officials acknowledged Monday that Evan Spencer Ebel's previous felony conviction had been inaccurately recorded and his release was a mistake.
Oopsie! He attacked a prison guard and threatened to kill him and his family. He was charged with felonies for the attack, and the charges "mistakenly" were recorded as to be served concurrently with his ongoing sentence rather than consecutively. In effect, he got a freebie. He violently attacked a guard, threatened the man and his family, and didn't serve an extra moment.

Why is that, you ask? That's a very good question. They're calling it a clerical error. Except this:
Ebel's early release was just the latest twist in a case full of painful ironies. His father is friends with Hickenlooper and had testified before the Colorado Legislature about the damage solitary confinement did to his son. Clements was worried about that very issue.
(emphasis mine) certainly makes one wonder, does it not? I mean, I'm sure that the prisoner's ties to the governor of the state had nothing to do with the "error" that led to him being released some four years early, right? That same governor, mind you, who doesn't trust his state's citizens with magazines over 15-round capacity. His prison system is either corrupt or woefully inept, but g-d forbid you buy a new P-mag! I'll bet they'd make you serve THAT sentence consecutively...

Here's the guy they gave a free pass on a violent assault and terroristic threats:
Ebel spent much of his time behind bars in solitary confinement and had a long record of disciplinary violations. Records show he joined a white supremacist prison gang.
So, basically, he had 4 years added to his 8 year sentence - that's a 50% increase - and was not a model prisoner. And yet a "clerical error" - that NO ONE managed to catch, mind you, happened to chop 4 years off a 12 year sentence. Oops! I'm sure that his father's friendship with the governor had nothing to do with it, right? I'm sure that violent white supremacists are always released on "time served" with no review of their record, right?

And what happened to their "model" prisoner? He managed to get a gun and then killed the chief of CO prisons. How did he get a firearm, anyways? He's a prohibited person - he can't legally own a firearm, period. Here's a tip, folks. Even the magical "gun show loophole" they're so fond of - which the rest of us call "selling private property" - if you sell a gun to a prohibited person, you are guilty of a crime. It is incipient upon the seller to determine whether the buyer is eligible or not to own the firearm. There is no loophole. If you sell a gun to someone that shouldn't own it, you're guilty of a crime. 

So, despite all of those state and federal laws, our scumbag gets a gun pretty much the moment he steps out of prison - four years earlier than he should have, mind you. He then goes on a killing spree, and is only stopped when he gets to Texas and runs into armed opposition. Now, there's no saying that he wouldn't have done this in 2017, of course; the point is we won't know. All we know as that an "error" let out a violent, dangerous white supremacist four years sooner than he should have been on the street.

And these same people think they know how to make firearms laws...

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

so,he used the gunshow loophole,"private property "purchase,to commit a crime,apparently. Without a paperwork trail,how do we find and convict the seller?

Bubblehead Les. said...

Anon 10:50- Why, you use the same methods to track down the arsonist who bought Gasoline and paid with Cash.

Or the guy who bought an Axe from a State Two States away to use in his Serial Killing.

So to all the Anti-Gun Lurkers out there reading this, it's time for Class!

You see, there's this thing called "Crime." A Crime is committed when a Person or a Group of People CHOSE to break the Law. Those people are called "Criminals."

Now, since Criminals have already chosen to commit a Crime, the Law has only one Option: to Punish them IF they get caught. But since they have already chosen to break the Law, what makes you all think that another Law will Stop them?

You can pass all the Laws in the World, and Criminals will chose to break them.

That's why they are called "Criminals" in the First Place.

For example, under the New York Sullivan Laws that have been in effect for almost a Hundred Years, it is almost impossible to get and own a Legal Handgun in New York.

But go look up all the people who have been Shot and Killed by Handguns in New York City for a Hundred Years.

So those Laws have Failed. Yet you imply that making More Laws to convert the Law Abiding Citizen into Criminals is a Good Thing?

That makes as much sense as passing "Reasonable, Common Sense Laws" to make Water Wetter.

Here is something you all need to get through YOUR Heads: It's never the Tools, it's the Individual Hands that MISUSE the Tools that is the Issue.

But also keep this in mind: If YOU Anti-Gunners somehow succeed in passing Laws that take away the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (which the Supreme Court has ruled in Heller vs DC IS an Individual Right, and is just as valid a Ruling as Roe vs Wade), then on your head will be the fallout from CREATING MORE CRIMINALS.

Hope YOU are prepared to Suffer the Consequences of those Actions.

Class Dismissed.

Ritchie said...

The gun was lawfully purchased by a female acquaintance, then unlawfully transferred (given/sold) to Ebel, so it was a straw purchase, already a federal crime. Said acquaintance has been arrested.

Farm.Dad said...

Another interesting coincidence is that he was ran to ground and killed seemingly en-route to the area that the Texas DA was just killed in , and nearly made it there .

bluesun said...

F*ck Denver!

(my new slogan)