Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Turns Out, Cars Aren't The Only Place the Gov Meddles Without A Clue...

Sent in by #1 blogdaughter is this charming little story of our Micromanager in Chief...

Proposed FDA safety rules frustrate tree fruit farmers
Blueberries and bananas are in, but black-eyed peas are out. Papaya is in, but plantains and pumpkins are out. Spinach and summer squash, in. Sweet potatoes and winter squash, out. Artichokes? Out. Apples? In.
The Food and Drug Administration, wrestling to put in place a massive overhaul of the nation’s food safety system, drew a line this year when proposing which fruits and vegetables would be subject to strict new standards: Those usually consumed raw would be included, while those usually cooked or processed would be exempt.
The idea is a noble one: rather than react to outbreaks of food borne disease, let's set regulations on how food is grown, processed, and packaged to prevent diseases. The problem is, the federal government is just as clueless about how food is grown as it is about gas mileage on cars (55 MPG fleet average? REALLY? And giant talking broccoli stalks will mow your lawn for free!) or about super killy death assault magazine clips.

Here's a shock: The proposals from the government will cost growers quite a bit to implement; in many cases will do nothing to further prevent diseases; and in many cases are completely unnecessary. Sound familiar? They're adopting a "one size must fit all" approach to regulation, demanding the same protections for crops like apples that have never been linked to outbreaks as to lettuce, which has been linked to various e. coli outbreaks. Farmers find the rules to be unfair, unneeded, and pricey - it's estimated that compliance will cost thousands of dollars to tens of thousands depending on the size of the farm.

Why does it seem like every time the government tries to "fix" a perceived problem, they end up making it worse? Toilets use too much water? Mandate low flow toilets! Oh, gee, too bad that you need to flush three times. Incandescent light bulbs use too much energy? Mandate CFLs! Oh, if they break it's considered a hazmat spill - and they cost 10X more. Cars use too much gasoline? Mandate 55 MPG fleet standards! Oh, the technology to get even the smallest cars at 55 MPG is barely there? Oh well, guess you'll have to start selling mopeds, too.

Imagine how much stimulus money could be saved if they "regulated" so-called "green" energy companies like regular businesses?

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threecollie said...

Good post. From a farmer who deals with similar regulations on a seemingly never-ending basis, thank you. Food safety is important, but it seems as if the government never gets anything right. Ever.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me,and I have felt this way for a long time,that every time (that is:100% of the time)the govt does anything,it costs us more money.Why do we keep letting them do it?

Ed said...

When you hear someone say "I'm from the government and I'm here to help", be concerned, very concerned.