Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Addition...

Sean sends in the latest addition. Not a lot of details to this one, but so far it sounds legit.

NC police: intruder dead after apartment break-in
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — North Carolina police are investigating the shooting death of a man they say forced his way into a Charlotte apartment.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg homicide investigators say the shooting early Sunday happened after 27-year-old De'von Anttone Noel struggled over a weapon with the man who lived in the apartment.
The article states that the recently deceased knew the people in the apartment, but realistically, that's a meaningless fact. It could be someone the guy worked with 10 years ago; it could be a jealous former boyfriend of the women in the apartment; there are any number of ways you could know someone that was intent on doing you grievous injury or worse. Now, the interesting thing is that the apartment resident was shot in the hand - I wonder if he took the gun away from the intruder and was shot in the process?

In any case, for now it counts.

Dead Goblin Count: 384

That is all.

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lelnet said...

"realistically, that's a meaningless fact"

Well, it substantially increases the probability that his illegal entry was motivated by a plan to commit some sort of violence against the lawful inhabitants (as opposed to, say...stealing their stuff). Which in turn makes the case for shooting him even clearer, to those who might otherwise wish to argue the justice of doing so.