Monday, April 8, 2013

Too Dangerous for MA *AND* CT

There is a gun so dangerous it is banned in Massachusetts and Connecticut. What is this firearm, you might ask? This:

Under CT's new "Assault Weapons Ban", this $2,000+ target pistol is now considered an "assault weapon". You see, it has a magazine that is inserted into the pistol outside of the grip, as well as a threaded barrel. Both of these features place it on the naughty list of both states, most likely because of the language of the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons ban which was crafted to ban pistols like the Tec-9.

You see, because of some arbitrary "naughty list" of features - which were originally culled from a semi-auto knockoff of a submachine gun prototype from Sweden - this ultra-high end competition rimfire is not available to folks in MA and CT. It is actually a felony to possess this pistol - meaning that if you brought it to a competition in either of these states not realizing the law, you would be committing a felony. The handgun you purchased because of its excellent balance and accuracy would render you ineligible to own firearms anywhere in the US.

A law that was based on nothing more than "we think these features are scary" could easily make top tier shooters into felons should they participate in matches in states like MA or CT. The pistol shown above shoots a .22LR round - one of the least powerful rounds currently in production - and it is functionally identical to hundreds of other models that are perfectly legal to own in both states. One pull of the trigger sends one round down range - just like a Ruger Mark III, a Smith & Wesson model 41, a Browning Buckmark, or a Walther P22 (to use the same manufacturer).

This is what "common sense gun control" looks like, folks. 

That is all.

Hat-tip to Mopar and this post for the inspiration.


Brad_in_MA said...


I vaguely recall some years ago when MA tried to put into place an exemption for hi-end pistols like the one you picture. IIRC, the measure only half passes because of the two-list system we have here. The gun was considered ok on one list but I think the maker refused to submit under the Attorney General's "consumer safety" rules & regs. If a reader from MA knows/remembers the details, I'd be interested.

On a related note, I have it on good authority that the two most common .22lr target pistols in competition use near where I reside are the s&w Model 41 and some sort of Pardini.

And lastly, CT seems to be headed the way of England. Because of English laws, their Olympic pistol team had to practice outside of the country, lest the team members violate their gun control laws.

Ed said...

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
Except, of course, for the scary looking ones.
What's next - prohibitions on political speech that makes some uncomfortable or religions that a majority of a legislature disapprove?

Anonymous said...

Ed, we're already there. Political speech? Disagree with the National Socialist (like Malloy) and you’re called a clown, and will be vilified by the media to minimize your position. Religion is only alright as long as it's kept behind closed church doors. Don't discuss it in public; and if you’re Christian or Jewish, don't celebrate your high holly days in public or else.

Phil L. said...

Might at well add Maryland to the list: SB281 also has the "magazine outside the grip" language.

zeeke42 said...

I'm pretty sure the GSP is legal in MA. I don't believe the barrel is threaded. Of course, acquiring one is another matter due to the handgun sales regulation nonsense.

Gunnutmegger said...

CT sucks. I am disgusted by the so-called Republicans that claim to represent me.

We are just waiting to see what the actual legal interpretation of this miscarriage of justice looks like. As written, it is simultaneously vague and yet contradictory in detail.

Mopar said...

Pretty much the last straw for us. The wife is even more pissed off then I am, I think. She's been actively sending out resumes to NH. We'll keep fighting this crap here in CT, but one way or another I plan to be outta here by 2014 when the deadline for registration kicks in.

Phil L. said...

Later update from MD: It appears that Maryland tweaked SB281, and its bans no longer affect designs such as the Walther GSP. That said, we here in the Free State are still trying to learn the full ramifications of our legislature's recent actions.