Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Three, Three, Three Additions in a Row!

Whole bunch of people sent me this one. More than one said it was right up my alley...

Houston dad in car with infant fatally shoots armed robber
A father sitting in a car with his infant son shot and killed an armed robbery suspect in southwest Houston last week, officials said.

The shooting happened about 9 p.m. Friday at 10800 S. Gessner, according to the Houston Police Department.

Police said a 23-year-old man and his girlfriend pulled into a parking lot to buy a cellphone from a person they did not know. The man was sitting in the backseat of their car with the couple's baby.
Okay, this is now the second dead goblin addition in recent memory where someone was robbed trying to buy a cell phone. Either this is a euphemism for something folks want to keep off the radar, or buying a used cellphone is about as dangerous as working in a convenience store that also doubles as a pawn shop. Taking the story at face value, it's a good shoot - if it was in fact a private cell phone sale gone wrong, than the shooter should be 100% in the right.

I totally get the riding in the back with the baby - BTDT. Also gotten trapped in the back, too, because of the child locks. I'll give guy props, though - no matter what the reason, cell phone or other, they showed up to buy something and walked into an ambush. He kept his head, and despite the goblin having superior firepower and the drop on him, he still prevailed. Score one for the good guys.

Although they should probably buy their cell phones from the store from now on...

Dead Goblin Count: 393

That is all.

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