Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This Is What Happens When You Listen To Joe Biden...

Sent in on the BLNN...

Airport worker in Minnesota has been charged with stealing shotguns
MINNEAPOLIS – A worker at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has been charged with stealing shotguns, revolvers and other weapons from the checked luggage of passengers who had connections through the busy Twin Cities airport.
David Vang, 23, of St. Paul faces 11 felony counts, including 10 counts of theft of a firearm. He will be making his first court appearance April 25 in Hennepin County.
He was only following Vice President Biden's orders to "get a shotgun" for protection, sheesh!

Seriously, this was probably my biggest fear last year when I flew out to Colorado with firearms. Since I'm licensed in MA, and all of my firearms were MA-compliant, etc. I wasn't too concerned about the firearms themselves - although this year, I'm much more leery of CO now - but from something happening along the way. I chose a direct flight for this reason (as well as the fact that I prefer direct flights - less taking off and landing).

I'm really curious what happens to Mr. Vang. He *should* see some serious prison time - these are serious charges. Something tells me he'll plea bargain most of it away and only serve months at best - again,  we tend to look the other way when there's no one getting killed. I'd like to ask any readers in the Twin Cities area to keep an eye on this story and let me know if/when he is indicted and sentenced (they've got him on camera stealing the suitcases; I imagine this should be a pretty easy case to win).

I wonder if he'll claim he was arming maple syrup cartels in Canada for Eric Holder?

That is all.


Dave H said...

From to the article:

"'When asked why he did it, Defendant Vang stated that he just wanted the items,' the complaint said."

Between that statement and the pictures, if they can't get a conviction they need to fire the prosecutor.

dustydog said...

I'd like to be on "pleas to a misdemeanor, isn't a prohibited person" and "life not torn apart to make sure that all stolen guns were recovered (his home, storage locker, gifts to friends and family)".

Remember the chant: 'the Union, undiluted, can never be prosecuted!"

Jason in MN said...

My neighbor is a police officer at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. He works an odd schedule, but if I can catch him one of these days, I'll ask him if he knows anything else about this.