Thursday, April 4, 2013

So, There Was This Pro-2A Rally...

And a whole bunch of people showed up. Estimates put the crowd - on a Wednesday afternoon, smack in the middle of the week - between 3-5,000 strong.

In Massachusetts:

Home to some of the strictest gun control laws in the country (New laws in NY/CT/MD notwithstanding).

Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) planned a rally on Boston Common to protest the upcoming "ME TOO" bill currently under investigation (see the link I posted yesterday for details). The bills were up for discussion Wednesday afternoon, so what better time to get your neighborhood firearms enthusiasts into town for a discussion of the Second Amendment and gun rights as they stand in Massachusetts?

The view from the State House:

I like it. It's quite fitting, actually.

Oh, and one last thing. There was a York Arms T-shirt sighting!

Thanks to everyone who attended the rally, and thanks to Nate for sending in pictures!

That is all.


JD said...

Was a great turn out. . I loved watching the news folks. . . they were very careful to only film the edges of the crowd so it would look small. On the evening news the aerial shots were from before the start of the rally. . .. and we had "over a hundred people" they said. . . . Nope, no bias there. I was in the middle of it and we had thousands of folks. the walk way from the band stand to the state house was packed end to end when we marched up to the state house. . .

I hope we can keep the momentum going! They had a lot of good speakers at the common and at the state house where every day folks were speaking. A great day. I got some photos posted at my blog too from the event.

Anonymous said...

I wish you luck. We had huge pro-gun turn out at rally’s and hearings here in the Peoples Socialist Paradise of Connecticut too. Unfortunately here we Peasants are not listened too; we exist only to pay taxes. I guess that’s why the final vote took place around 2:30 this morning, in the dark of night.

Wally said...

Wow, great to see that support in PRM!

lee n. field said...

Good luck getting them to pay attention. Illinois State Rifle Association has been having crowds of 7 and 8 thousand annually for it's IGOLD day. The media studiously ignores us (but reports on a dozen antirights folks gathering).

JD said...

Things won't change until we vote them out. . . But we will fight.

Mopar said...

More on CT's fight can be found here:
Every gunowner in CT should be a member of the CCDL.

PS: That's my scribblings there.