Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So, About Those New Shooters...

With the events of last week still fresh in my mind, I think it's time to reinvigorate the new shooter pledge:
Just want to extend an open invitation to all potential new shooters in the New England area. If you have never shot a firearm, or would like to get back into the shooting sports, or are an accomplished shooter who'd like to try something in my arsenal, give me a shout. New shooters get range time, targets, gun use and ammo on me. I've even got extra eye and ear protection - all you have to do is show up. Send e-mail to my profile if interested.
I'm especially curious to hear from folks in the greater Boston area - especially those who were confined to their homes while a known killer was hunted by the police. I can't be the only one who watched that debacle thinking of all those people, hunkered down in their homes, nothing better than a kitchen knife for defense. Well, read the above pledge. Even if you have never fired a gun before, I'll walk you through the basics.

Even in MA, where you need a permit simply to own a firearm, the FID card is "shall issue". As long as you meet the criteria (clean record, safety class, etc.) you can get an FID card which allows you to purchase shotguns and "low-capacity" long arms - bolt action rifles, lever action rifles, and semi-automatic rifles that do not take magazines with capacity greater than 10 rounds from the factory. There still plenty of options in that group for home defense, from a 12 gauge pump-action shotgun to a tube-fed .22LR or a pistol caliber lever action like the Rossi 92.

If you're curious, send me an e-mail. I'm especially keen on folks in and around Boston, but anyone in MA (or NH/ME/RI for that matter) who watched the news unfold last week and has decided to take that first step is more than welcome. So far I'm running about 95% or better - I can only think of one new shooter I've brought to the range who hasn't decided to get their permit. At the very worst, you come out, we poke holes in paper, and you go home having done something you've never done before.

At the best, you might just catch the "gunnie itch" and decide to pursue further.

That is all.


libertyman said...

Just reviewing what it would take to get my out-of -state Massachusetts LTC. It is virtually impossible, and it involves taking a day off to go to freaking Chelsea in person.

Every damned year. And give them $100.00 each year. And start the process 90 days before your license expires.

I left Massachusetts 25 years ago, and wouldn't live there for love nor money.

libertyman said...

At least your former senator and now Secretary of State is a man of the people. You know, a real Red Sox Fan:


And the song Sweet Caroline was written about the daughter of JFK. What a bunch of dopes we have running this country.

Ed said...

Like your license to operate a motor vehicle, your license to carry a concealed weapon should be honored in all states and territories in the United States.
If anything, if the Federal Government maintained a list of prohibited persons, then there would be not need for any licenses to carry weapons. If you commit an arrestable offense, then your name is checked against the list of prohibited persons (presence on the list is public record and may be challenged in court with the burden of proof on the government) and the charge of carry by prohibited person is added. If you are not on the list and you have not committed any arrestable offense, then no one cares whether you have a concealed weapon or not.


BTW If you are on the "prohibited persons" list then you are not allowed to vote, either. Restoration/revocation of rights is comprehensive.