Friday, April 26, 2013

Oh, Massachusetts Politicians. You So Crooked!

Feds: Probation chief John O'Brien sought to bribe Massachusetts legislators
BOSTON —The former commissioner of the Massachusetts Probation Department, acquitted this month of state corruption charges, is facing new federal bribery charges.

The indictment handed up Wednesday charges John O'Brien with 17 counts of bribing state legislators by giving jobs to their supporters, friends and relatives in exchange for increases to his department's budget and other political favors.
O'Brien is accused of bribing, among other MA pols, Senate President Therese Murray and House Speaker Robert DeLeo. Multiple times. Apparently there is no law against accepting bribes in MA, because neither Murray nor DeLeo were charged. It would be neat, actually, to see DeLeo marched out of the State House - this would make four Speakers of the House leaving clapped in irons...

What got me, though, was this statement:
"The indictment, when read properly, states that the probation department intended to influence legislators. Nothing in the indictment says the senate president was influenced or had any knowledge of an alleged probation department scheme," Murray spokesman David Falcone said in a statement.
So, Murray doesn't deny that O'Brien was bribing her, just that she had no intention of doing what he wanted. She took the money, and gave nothing in return. No one ever expressed any curiosity as to why the head of the Probation Department was making unbidden, surprise campaign donations with personal checks or anything. No, it's not a bribe, because a bribe implies that you might actually do something for the money. Instead, they took the cash and did nothing.

You know, there's a metaphor for pretty much all MA politics right there...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

paying a politician to do nothing is a crime??? That's business as usual in Washington!!

NUGUN said...

Not as bad as Maryland

At least your guy was just bribing, rather than getting knocked up by prisoners.


BTW, works, but does not.

So if you just type in browser it fails.