Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mid-Week Addition

Both Bob and Kenny sent in today's addition to the DGC.

Robber shot dead by would-be victim outside Ft. Worth store
A would-be robber was shot dead by a person with a concealed handgun license outside a Metro PCS store in Ft. Worth on Tuesday afternoon.

The suspect reportedly tried to rob a man in the parking lot outside the store.
Like most DGC news stories, this one is woefully short on details. The above information is a full half of the article. There's a video, too, but there's not even that much more info. Looks like one of the guns used was a 5-shot revolver; given that it's close to a vehicle, I'd wager it's the one used by the good guy here, but that's just guesswork on my part.

There was one interesting part, though:
The man with the CHL was shot in the arm and the hand by the robber, but the robber was shot multiple times in the chest.
More than likely, the bad guy got the drop on the good guy. It's unlikely he'd try to rob him without the firearm out and at the ready. So more than likely the good guy drew and fired, and either the bad guy got off a shot or two while he was drawing, or he pulled the trigger as he went down and one or two of his shots hit the good guy. In any case, multiple shots to the chest beats one or two to the extremities (it's also possible a single shot went through the hand into the arm).

A definite win for the good guys here.

Dead Goblin Count: 388

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Yep, win for the good guys!!!

pax said...

Another news article about the same incident says there's some question as to whether the bad guy shot the good guy, or whether the good guy accidentally shot himself.

Jay G said...

UPDATE: Bob sent in another story that explains it a little further. Apparently this was a Craigslist deal gone wrong: Good guy was attempting to buy a cell phone from bad guy. Bad guy really didn't have a cell phone to sell, but did have a gun with which to rob good guy. Good guy had a CHL and a faster reaction time.

Puts it even further into the "good shoot" category, and serves as a caution to be aware and careful whenever meeting someone from a place like Craigslist. In this case, the guy did everything right - public place, middle of the day - and still wound up in a gun fight.

But he had a gun...

Bob S. said...


I just realized what is missing from this story -- the police shoot out with the Concealed Handgun License holder!

According to the antis; the police should have shown up, not known who was the good guy and drew down on him. Which in turn would have caused the intrepid gun slinger to start blasting away.

Except; it appears nothing of the sort happened. Guess Cops and gun owners are used to dealing with each other here in the Lone Star state.