Thursday, April 18, 2013

MArooned Product Review Follow-up: Dragon Leatherworks Belt

Okay, we're rapidly coming up on a third of a year with the kick-ass belt I got from Dragon Leatherworks. I have been wearing the crap out of this thing, and I'll tell you, it just keeps looking as good as when I first got it. It's been around my waist for ~ 10 - 12 hours a day 7 days a week for a while now - I think I'd already broken my first 5.11 belt by this point. My initial review was two months ago, only a month or so after getting the belt, and I've had a lot more time to wear it and see how it held up.

Oh, yeah, there's also the fact that I wore this belt to the Fundamentals of Combat Focus Shooting class I took courtesy of Down Range Firearms Training last month. I strapped on the Dragon Leatherworks belt at 7 in the morning with all this gear:

and didn't take it off for over 12 hours. I weighed it - over three and a half pounds of gear there. Doesn't seem like much until you strap it to your waist and run all over hell and creation for the better part of an entire day.

When they say that the right belt makes all the difference, that's not hyperbole. The Dragon Leatherworks belt held all that gear (well, minus the coffee mug, but I did have at least double that amount of coffee in me) all day long. Not only that, it actually made it comfortable. A Kydex OWB holster with a Smith & Wesson M&P and three Comp-Tac mag holsters, each with a fully loaded magazine - all day, all over the place. The belt made it easy, and that's no small feat.

I can't imagine taking a course like this with any other belt - thanks, Dennis!

That is all.


aslamtu said...

i know you like coffee but why carry the cup around all day?

Carteach said...

Hmm... time I did an extended use review on this belt too. Thanks for the prod!

Dennis does first rate work, and this belt is exceptional. I've literally pulled it off my waste in gun stores just to show it around and gather Ooos/Aaaas.

Anonymous said...

I think the coffe cup is supposed to be worn with handle part to the outside

Dragon said...

Thanks for the write-up Jay! Gonna be wearing it in Houston?