Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Irony of Ironies...

One thing stood out in all of the marathon bombing coverage yesterday. Apparently they had dedicated a good portion of the race and coverage to the families of Newtown, CT - they had 26 seconds at the start for each victim; there was a special marker at the 26 mile mark; and, ironically enough, the families of Newtown victims had VIP seats near the finish line which is where the blasts occurred.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Make no mistake about it. While, yes, a good portion of this was to show solidarity to the families involved in the tragedy, this was also about political theater as we debate more gun control here in America. We're still greatly divided over whether more gun control is the answer, and putting these families in such high profile spots ensures that maximum coverage will be given to the tragedy - and, of course, slanted to make people view gun control more favorably.

And then, mere feet from the VIP stands where these survivors of a horrific tragedy sit, some person or persons detonates a series of powerful bombs that kill and maim people. As one end of the gun control debate tries to make the argument that we need more limits on what firearms can or cannot be possessed, bombs are set off that perform the exact same function they claim to be attempting to curb.

Why, it's almost like the tool is irrelevant, isn't it?

Talk about adding insult to injury. Here these poor people endure this horrific event, only to come to a major city where they and their loved ones are supposed to be honored to wind up the victims of a terrorist attack. A madman with a gun causes them unbelievable heartache and anguish, and then they wind up with front row seats for a terrorist attack. If this was something in a movie, no one would ever believe it.

Right now, we haven't the faintest idea what happened other than a bomb went off, some people were killed and a whole bunch more were injured. That hasn't stopped the blame game, mind you; that idiot Chris Matthews is hell-bent on blaming the Tea Party and the New York Times' Nick Kristof blames ... the GOP. Not to be outdone, of course, folks on the right side of the spectrum are jumping up and down about "False flag" operations and such. They haven't even finished patching up the bodies and the blame game is in full swing.

Meanwhile, there's a major American city that's been ground zero for a terrorist action. We're not sure if this is a domestic-born action like Oklahoma City or a foreign action like 9/11 - no groups have claimed responsibility; no leads have been established, nothing. Yet that's not stopping folks from claiming everyone from Ron Paul to the Saudi Royal family to be at fault here - and for all we know, it could be one jilted boyfriend with too much time on his hands and a basic knowledge of chemistry.

One thing is for certain, though: All the gun control in the world wouldn't have stopped what happened in Boston yesterday...

That is all.


Jennifer said...

Sadness, anger, confusion, all that is normal. The blame game is sick.
Me heart goes out to everyone touched by this. It's a kind of kinship and brotherhood that you never want anyone else to join.

Butch Cassidy said...

I want to buy this guy a pint: http://bostonmarathonconspiracy.com/

Knotthead said...

We all grieve for the victims, of course, but this morning I was greeted on Facebook by a shared picture of a young girl running and wearing a race number, which appeared to be a screen capture from Twitter. The Tweet read "R.I.P. to the 8 year-old girl who died in Boston's explosions, while running for the Sandy Hook kids."
This does not correlate to the facts as the media has been reporting them.

Mikael said...

The experts over here on the other side of the pond are saying the bomber "knew what he was doing", in the sense that making sure a bomb actually goes boom when you want it takes some know how.

Glad you're ok Jay.

Ed said...

I am waiting for the call for pressure cooker control. Let them ask whether we actually "need" pressure cookers. With proper planning, a slow cooker could be used instead. If we had pressure cooker background checks and registration, then known bad people would not own pressure cookers and the identity of the owner of the pressure cookers would be immediately, unless it was stolen pressure cookers used....

Never mind.