Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Know I Should Be More Concerned...

When a nuclear country makes noise like this, generally it's reason for concern...

N. Korea approves nuclear strike on United States
SEOUL — North Korea dramatically escalated its warlike rhetoric on Thursday, warning that it had authorised plans for nuclear strikes on targets in the United States.

"The moment of explosion is approaching fast," the North Korean military said, warning that war could break out "today or tomorrow".

Threatening a nuclear attack on the United States is one of those things that generally puts a country right at the top of the ol' "SMITE" list. As a general rule, we don't take kindly to other nations threatening us with nuclear death on a stick, and tend to remind said countries that they are, in fact, messing with the only nation on the planet to have actually used nuclear weapons in the past.

No matter how many refrigerator magnets you glue to your uniforms.

You see, ordinarily, when the US economy is in the tank, and has been for a number of years, the way out has been through horrific and bloody wars. See WWII and the end of the Great Depression. There's only one thing that's preventing me from going into full-blown panic over this.

The folks threatening us with intercontinental missiles tipped with nuclear warheads are the same people that brought this to US shores:

Yeah, I figure any missile launched from North Korea is going to get about 20 miles away and then have two of the fins fall off. Then the nose cone will be revealed to be, in actuality, the top to an old Dairy Queen. Then the "rocket" will run out of Estes propellant and fall back to earth, whereupon the "nuclear" material will be revealed to be 25 chemsticks in a washed-out Diet Coke bottle.

Gotta laugh about it or you cry, folks...

That is all.


Roger said...

The Norks saber rattling reminds me of an ant floating down the river on his back with an erection, hollering "RAISE THE DRAWBRIDGE!"

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the Norks have the technology to get a missile out of Asia.

They do have plenty of missiles and artillery to make it a hot old time all the way south down the peninsula.

We were discussing at work about all the DOD assets that are moving towards that part of the world right now.

I hope Trip get his head out of his butt before this get out of hand.


Anonymous said...

I'm certainly glad we have an experienced diplomat like
John Kerry and an engaged President at the helm .

What could possibly go wrong???????


Tam said...

"The folks threatening us with intercontinental missiles tipped with nuclear warheads are the same people that brought this to US shores"

Bad, bad, BAD analogy.

See, that's a Hyundai, made by SOUTH Koreans.

You'd better hit your knees tonight and pray that the NORKs aren't as good at building nukes as the ROKs are at building cars, because South Korea went from the shitbox in that picture to the modern Equus and Genesis, which will mop the floor with almost anything out of Detroit these days.

If the North is that good with nukes, they'll go from their "wet firecracker" test of a few years ago to showing us the power of a fully operational battlestation in less than twenty years.

Rifleman762 said...

Although they certainly have rockets that could reach US targets, they DEFINITELY don't have the capability to attach nukes to those rockets with even the tiniest sense of reliability. This is posturing- a gambit to see how the South Koreans and US react. Anything more would be suicide. Three years from now, I'd be a bit more worried.

Jay G said...

1. Yes, it is South Korea, not North Korea. A quasi-capitalist society vs. hardcore communist differentiation.

2. Yes, they went from the Excel to the current generation.

2a. Saying it "mops the floor" with anything out of Detroit is damning with faint praise;

2b. It only took them 25 years to get there.

It took the South Koreans, who do operate under some semblance of capitalism, some 25 years to go from producing "wretched balls of suck and fail" to something decent.

How long will it take the hardcore communist Norks to get a delivery system?

3. Notice the tag for the humor impaired...


LCB said...

Actually...this scares the sh)t out of me. Why? Because WE keep backing off. What happens when you keep backing down from a bully? He takes the next step...and the next...and the next.

We're betting the lives of hundreds of thousands that the NorK's can't pull off a successful strike...and that some nut Nork General doesn't have an itchy finger...when we should have hit them with everything we had back in the Clinton years.

This isn't a Obamissiah's the failings of ALL presidents since we found out they were trying to build the bomb.

Douglas2 said...

"In one extraordinary case, North Korea attempted to recruit an entire missile design bureau: in 1993, the specialists at the V. P. Makeyev Design Bureau in the city of Miass, near Chelyabinsk, were invited to travel to Pyongyang. The bureau designed submarine launched missiles, but military orders had dried up. Through a middleman, North Korea recruited the designers, who were told they would be building rockets to send civilian satellites into space. One of them, Yuri Bessarabov, told the newspaper Moscow News that he earned less than workers at a local dairy, while the Koreans were offering $1,200 a month. About twenty of the designers and their families were preparing to fly out of Moscow’s international airport in December when they were stopped by the Russian authorities and sent home. “That was the first case when we noticed the North Korean attempts to steal missile technology,” a retired federal security agent said years later in an interview. If you look at a missile, the security agent said, the North Koreans recruited a specialist to help them with every section, from nose cone to engine. "

Bubblehead Les. said...

One little problem. His Royal Highness Kim the 3rd is in Charge. And since he's NEVER been told "NO", he seriously thinks he's a God-King. Now granted, their Nuke Capability is just starting out, but like the Son of a Mafia Godfather, he's gotta show he's got the Cajones to run the Family.

So a LOT of us who had to deal with the NORKs in the past are Very Worried, Jay.

Think of Saddam Hussein and Kuwait.