Monday, April 29, 2013

I Knew This Would Be Trouble...

So, I mentioned getting a cap last week. After owning the Earthf**ker for over six years, I finally managed to find a decent used cap at a (very) reasonable price. Over the weekend, I tinkered a bit... One of the things that had to be changed was the tailgate cap - my model year came with this odd plastic extended tailgate cover piece that had to be removed for the cap to fit. Unfortunately, it's attached to the tailgate with screws, which means there were holes to be covered. Found a piece to do just that, and also straightened it out (it was off by maybe 1/4" and it BUGGED ME). I also had fun removing the stickers that were on it.

You've heard of Grumpy Cat? This is Grumpy Cap:


While I was crawling around inside the truck bed re-aligning and scraping, I started thinking about some of the possibilities now that I have an enclosed space in back. One of the first thoughts I had was to build a couple boxes - one for the front of the bed near the cab, the other by the tailgate. The one up front would have slots for bike tires for easy transport of bicycles without them having to be stacked on top of each other. The one in back would keep groceries and small items from rolling around the back while in transit.

Then I took it a step further. What if I build a ~ 6" sub-floor, covered with 1/2" plywood and a simple rubber bed mat? A 5' wide bed with three rails would have plenty of stability and would allow for a couple rifle cases to be slid under the sub-floor completely unnoticed. Perfect for transporting to and from the range - or for traveling to bloggershoots through less-than-hospitable areas. A glance inside the bed area would reveal a pretty standard looking truck bed with a rubber mat...

The last option would be a little more involved - basically build two benches that run front-to-back over the wheel wells with storage on either side of the wheel. Find a camper-style table mount that would bolt to the bed and have the two benches set so that the table can drop into place to complete the bed area for instant camper. There's plenty of room inside the bed to sit up and eat, and a bed that doesn't come quite up to the edge of the truck and cap would be plenty comfy.

Of course, anything that went in would have to be easily removable in case I need to use the truck for hauling, and I wouldn't want anything that would add a lot of weight to the truck - it gets bad enough gas mileage as it is. I think at the very least I need to find a lockable box I can keep in the back for secure storage of semi-permanent items - now that the back of the truck is safe from the elements, it's time to significantly improve the bug-out capabilities and storage in the truck.

Oh, the possibilities are nearly endless!

That is all.


John said...

My folks had a slide-in much like your last description, but there wasn't enough headroom for a table.

It was light enough that one person could handle it without too much difficulty - in thinking back to it now I recognize the construction as standard RV techniques.

If you have an RV / camper dealer in your area you might check with them - might still be around.

Luap Etorb said...

From the point "been there..done that" wait until you gone through a drive through one of those Spring rain storms at 60 MPH and check for leaks. Water finds a way!

Anonymous said...

Jay, as to the elevated floor, just watch out who/where sees that, i.e., cops, who look out for it. See, dope smugglers often do stuff like that, and a cop seeing an elevated floor in your truck bed and recognizing it is going to be -very- interested in seeing just what exactly is under there.

Granted, that assumes he/she even notices the thing, but still.

Anonymous said...

Buddy built a locking steel false floor type thing in his SUV for putting said guns into for a more secure trip to ranges and shoots.

Mopar said...

There's a company I saw somewhere in my travels that makes just such a raised floor for trucks and SUVs. The one I saw had nice slide out locking drawers for storing "stuff".