Thursday, April 4, 2013

He's So DREAMY!!!

So, the news is all abuzz with the breathless proclamation that Teleprompter Jesus is going to be giving back a portion of his salary to show solidarity with government workers affected by sequestration. Now, while I will be the first to congratulate the President on this gesture, at a whopping 5% it works out to something like $1,600 a month. For a guy that has free room and board and doesn't have to worry about the commute to work. Not to mention he's playing catch-up with Chuck Hagel.

What would impress me more, though, would be to see a stop to the excesses, like canceling the star-studded concert for their ears only (ZOMG! It's broadcast on NPR! See! It's for everyone!) or having Joe Biden spend less than half a million dollars a night on hotels in Paris. My back-of-the-envelope calculations show that President Obama would have to stay in office for another 30 years or so for his 5% payroll decrease to cover Plugs's one night in Paris. But I digress.

I'd get into the many vacations - Joe Biden alone has taken three so far this year - but I'm sure someone would be along shortly to point out that George Bush took more "vacation" time. They'll conveniently forget to mention that Bush was on "vacation" at his ranch in Crawford, Texas - not jetting off to Martha's Vineyard or Hawaii or Europe, but hey! he spent more time away from the White House than Obama!

Perhaps Obama is starting to learn from his predecessor Bill Clinton. Clinton, despite his many failings, was an adept politician and a master at manipulating public opinion. He understood, perhaps better than any president before him - even better than Reagan, that perception is king; that actions don't really matter as long as you look like you're doing something. "I feel your pain" indeed - it appears that Obama is starting to get this message and is trying to look like he's doing something.

Call me cynical, but I suspect that the Obamas aren't exactly going to be cutting coupons over a 5% cut...

That is all.


PoppaJ said...

I'd be more impressed if to solidarity with the soldiers in Afghanistan he started replacing one or two meals a day with MRE's. Then maybe he'd have reason for always looking constipated.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I remember the news report from the '80s about Reagan. Seems he was somewhere outside DC on his way to some event when he saw a McDonalds in the Distance and had an urge to eat some Burgers. He ordered the Caravan to pull in and after a quick sweep by the Secret Service, he placed his order. Naturally, there was the Obligatory Picture taking, autograph signing, etc. But then his order came up and he reached into his pocket to pay for it when he realized something: he had stopped carrying money because he did not need it. EVERYTHING was "handled" for him. He had to borrow a Fiver from one of his staff to pay for it.

So as far as the Obama Family goes, I really think the only one who gets "Money" is Michelle, and something tells me she ain't too happy about the pay cut.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of our old CEO at Big Defense Contractor.

We made money but not enough for the Chairman of the Board so all of us management thugs took a 10% pay cut.

The CEO took a 20% pay reduction so he could tell us he was one of the boys (and girls)!

He forgot that we all knew he got a 95% pay increase just 2 months before. It was in the shareholder report.

Symbolism over substance.


Anonymous said...

According to his tax returns he made

789k in 2011
1.7 million in 2010
5.5 million in 2009

So promising to give back 5 percent of his $ 400 k salary is. Smoke and mirrors. Particalauly when no one will check to see if he really writes that check 3 months from now


BornLib said...

Funny, I don't seem to remember the press being all that impressed by Romney working for no salary as governor. I don't remember if Romney publicly pledged to do the same if he won the presidency or was just something everyone knew was going to happen, but the media didn't give a hoot about it.

Daniel in Brookline said...

My back-of-the-envelope calculations show that President Obama would have to stay in office for another 30 years or so for his 5% payroll decrease to cover Plugs's one night in Paris. But I digress.

Please, Jay, don't give him any ideas.