Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Gun Pr0n # 316

Roger sends in today's gun pr0n. This is his BAG Day acquisition which finally arrived, and ever since I got the Rossi Model 92 for T&E, I've been on a cowboy-themed kick...

Ruger Vaquero in .45 LC. Roger will fill in the rest:
Ruger Vaquero Bisley in .45 Colt.  I've already installed the Amboyna Burl grips
I had for it.
The old model Vaquero made with the Blackhawk frame & cylinder size.
Strrrong like bull. It joins its little brother, a .22 rf Bisley Ruger.
Man, I gotta say, a stainless Vaquero in .357 Magnum with the 4.6" barrel would be flippin' sweet... I am an unabashed fan of the .357 Magnum round, especially the versatility of being able to use .38 Special as well. Loaded hot, the .357 Magnum variety is certainly suitable for protection from two legged predators and most four-legged; loaded light, the .38 Special is great for new shooters, casual plinking, and all around shootie goodness.

Get yer cowboy on!

That is all.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Jay: You can win a Ruger Stainless .357, 4 5/8" Blackhawk at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous in Reno next September. Ruger will be sending it to Zeke, who will take it to Reno. It will be available for all to try out on the first Range Day. It is one of the prizes in the Saturday night raffle, and Zeke will have it shipped to the winner's FFL. You have to be present to win, so go to Mr. C's blog and sign up.

Jay G said...

I might be able to win it, but I don't think I can take possession of it.

I'm not sure if Ruger's single action line is on the super-secret MA AG list of guns that can be sold.

I wish I were making this up.

.45ACP+P said...

It is not the Vaquero model but they make a .357/.38Spl/9MM with interchangable cylinders. I like busting out with a Cowboy Style single-action 9MM.

Crotalus said...

Well, wah hah, Pilgrim!

Got a .22 Ruger Bearcat. Scaled down version of the Colt Single Action Army, but with an engraved cylinder instead of a fluted one. My first "cowboy" gun!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Actually, with the way that the various VolksRepubliks tripped all over each other to show that THEY "Cared for the Children MORE than that Guy in the State Next Door," going Cowboy might be the only thing one can do when the Imperial Decrees kick in.

But I sure wouldn't want to be on the Wrong End of a Six-Shooter!