Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Gun Pr0n #314

Today's gun pic is another new T&E gun. It's very similar to a previous T&E gun, but with one small difference...

Yes, that's a Ruger LCR22, the rimfire training partner to Ruger's groundbreaking LCR in .38 Special. Ruger followed the success of the .38 Special LCR with a .357 Magnum variant, and later came out with the rimfire version you see above. New for this year is a .22 Magnum version, which looks to be a good defensive choice for folks who aren't comfortable with .38 Special in a small, light revolver but need something eminently concealable.

I've already had the LCR22 out on the range twice, and it shoots just like its big brother - only with less noise, recoil, and pain in the wallet. I'm a big fan of rimfire training for centerfire guns, and I suspect that the LCR22 will see a lot of range time. Especially considering that as a .22LR revolver, it will handle all the .22LR that doesn't work well in semi-automatics, like the CCI quiet-22 (which is really good for the indoor range BTW).

Full report to follow, but so far I'm very favorably impressed by the LCR22!

That is all.


Sailorcurt said...

Can you really consider a .22 version of anything to be a "training" version under the current conditions?

.22lr, if you can find it, seems to be more expensive than .38 special right now.

Maybe the .38 version should be considered the "training" gun.

Dave H said...

Is that .22lr only, or will it take shorts and longs too? That would open up more possibilities for using ammo that's still available. Sort of.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Keep in mind, for some of our Elderly Brethren, .22LR is about their Upper Limit in terms of how much Recoil they can take.

But at least they have a Gun.

Also, it might not be a Bad thing to have in a Back Pack when one is out in the Boonies.

.22LR: It's NOT just for Training.

Motor-T said...

I absolutely love mine. I bought it at the same time that I bought my LCR 38. The .22 has many more rounds through it.