Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Addition...

Shane in OK sends in today's DGC addition.

Intruder Shot, Killed During Guthrie Home Invasion
A quiet Guthrie neighborhood is shaken up after a home invasion leaves one man dead. 
Guthrie Police say a man from the neighborhood broke into a family's home and was shot and killed.
Police received calls around midnight from neighbors about a man banging on the backdoor of a home. A woman told police a man with no clothes on broke into her home, and her husband shot him.
Now, the anti-freedom side will tell you that someone with no clothes on is unarmed, which is technically correct but irrelevant. When they force their way into your home, whether they are "armed" or not is secondary to the fact that they have invaded your castle. Think about what's in your house, and what could be used as a weapon by an intruder of unknown mental state. Do you want to give them the chance to grab a butcher's knife out of the block in the kitchen, or a hammer off the tool bench?  

It's unfortunate, in that it appears to be a neighborhood man who had mental issues and was under a good deal of stress caring for an aging parent. It's unfortunate that he was unable to keep his demons at bay, because they drove him to put himself in a position where someone had to make the decision to drop the hammer on him. When you're looking at someone who has broken into your home in the middle of the night while stark naked, you have a split-second to try to decide if they're just a harmless frat boy on Initiation Night or a PCP-fueled lunatic who's on a mission to taste human flesh.  

I don't want to chose wrong in this case, and the drunken frat boy will garner the same ballistic response as the drug-addled looney...  

Dead Goblin Count: 385  

That is all.


Crotalus said...

I gotta ask: what is this "Dead Goblin Count" you have at the end of your posts?

Shane W said...

Goblin is the term he uses for criminals. When a Goblin is killed while commiting a crime they're added to the count.

Ken O said...

Naked is not necessarily unarmed. I have a wife, you have a wife and daughter. The intruder has a cock, unknown intentions and God knows what blood born or sexually transmitted pathogens- drunk, drug addled, insane or armed with malicious intent, fuck him, my family comes first.