Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Freedom Rifle, Update

So, the Big Brown Truck of Happiness stopped at my house yesterday and deposited this:

It's a stock completion kit for the AR-15 rifle, courtesy of the good folks at Brownells. They have been kind enough to sponsor the completion of the lower for the Freedom Rifle project, and this is the second piece to come in. Naturally, I had to get a shot with the first piece:

It's starting to almost look like a lower now! Now all I need is the lower parts kit and the Magpul pistol grip and the lower will be complete. I'll most likely graft the upper from the Bushmaster just to try her out when she's finished, but I really do want her to be a dedicated trainer/new shooter rifle, so that means a .22LR upper...

Man, I can't wait to get this rifle to the range!

That is all.


BGMiller said...

Which Magpul pistol grip are you wanting?
The MOE or the MIAD?

And just to double check....
That butt stock is in FDE isn't it?


Jay G said...

I'm waiting on the MOE grip.

And yes, that's the FDE. Grip is same color.